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Witchblade Vol 1 Gives New Life to a Beloved FranchiseWitchblade Vol 1 Gives New Life to a Beloved Franchise

first_img “Gunned down and left for dead on a New York rooftop, Alex Underwood’s life should have ended there—but instead, at the moment of death, she became host to the Witchblade, a mystical artifact that grants the woman wielding its extraordinary powers. But those powers come with a heavy cost, and Alex soon finds herself thrust into the center of an unseen battle raging on the snowy streets of NYC.”WITCHBLADE VOL. 1(W): Caitlin Kittredge (A): Roberta Ingranata (C): Bryan Valenza (L): Troy PeteriWitchblade is a comic series that has stood the test of time. Witchblade has been adapted, adopted, handed down, reworked and revamped into and as many different things. It’ll stand the test of time as an influential series for a very long time. However, I’ve never read Witchblade quite like this. Witchblade Vol. 1 is a revision of the acclaimed series the mystical and mythical world of Witchblade for old and new fans alike.AdChoices广告via Top CowCaitlin Kittredge delivers a wicked charm and powerful force to this series that feels just right. Kittredge provides a refreshing and invigorating take to these issues that bring a new kind of mythos to the Witchblade but keeps it intact. The narrative that she weaves is entirely out of this world. She provides multiple stories within a delightful ensemble with one hell of a problem to tie it all together. You think it’ll be a straight-forward investigation riddled with mystery. No, no, that’s too easy. You know what jazzes everything up a bit? Demons! It takes a brilliant left turn that keeps the secrets still in question but dives you deeper into territory that you didn’t know you wanted to do. Kittredge pulls off a Jessica Jones like vibe with her narrative. You feel this within the story, but you think about it even more with the characters.Kittredge’s story shines with her cast of characters as they display their personalized quirks and meaning to the main character. Roberta Ingranata amps this up more, bringing out their characteristics within her brilliant designs, but each of them carries their type of mystery in the narrative that I so badly wanted more of. One character we have to talk about is the lead and current holder of the Witchblade, Alex Underwood.Kittredge writes her strong but withholding. Tough, but scared. Alex suffers from PTSD and Kittredge portrays that with sensitivity. This is where the Jessica Jones vibe comes from. Kittredge writes a “phoenix rising from the flames” narrative that gives empowered energy for Alex but takes a look at her mystery and scattered past. As readers, we’re left wondering a little more about Alex and her budding support system. Kittredge does a hell of a job with this character. It’s a captivating and gripping introduction to a character. She’s completely shrouded in mystery, but doing her best with in keeping up with herself and discovering her newfound power.via Top CowRoberta Ingranata’s art for Witchblade is STUNNING. Ingranata’s art comes with an insane amount of detail that will have you scanning the panels from top to bottom. Ingranata works within multiple panel pages that display more elements in her art but bring those essential bits out for us to see. She shines the best with long single panels that are showing off the brilliant character design and composition of the character, mainly when she displays Alex. Ingranata’s art is sharp and focused, but flows so naturally and beautifully in her pencils.Ingranata’s art is detailed more by Bryan Valenza’s beautiful colors that give her pencils feel like a silky dream. I don’t think anyone could bring out chilly vibes with as much precision as Valenza. Valenza gives us an atmosphere that reminded me of a brighter Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It immediately put you in the mind of an intense and cold thriller. He works with muted blues and darker tones to bring out the mood of the series, draping it in the shadows at some points and brighter when the answer is clear. As the supernatural element shows, it mixes within, weaving neon colors with the cold, snowy setting.via Top CowThe unsung hero of this comic is Troy Peteri. He does a hell of a job placing heavy dialogue inside multiple panels. This is pretty hard in a story like this. Kittredge’s script comes with some heavy exposition and dialogue to move the story forward. Peteri keeps a good amount in his balloon placements, allows your eyes to move from panel to panel places in a way that doesn’t overwhelm. He allows for you to take a break and keep up with the story. Peteri lets the art and the action shine between his letters. You soak it in, and it lets the reader breathe within panels and pages.Witchblade Vol. 1 is a brilliant start to a revised series that can take us into the future of the title. The foundation of the revival lays the groundwork for new and enchanting stories to bloom within the narrative and characters. It’s only the beginning for the Witchblade to display its real power and I hope we see more of it in the future. Witchblade Vol. 1 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? Stay on targetlast_img read more