The failure of the owners can be free

from the beginning of the Internet, we are actively looking for all things free: free content, free space, free software, free video, then, so far, whether the domain name or space, have been reduced to when the price of cabbage, there are still many owners in the use of unstable free space, with the the others two free domain name.

if you need to write a grassroots webmaster do stand process, then simply abnormal straightforward, and unfortunately, most of the owners are doing:

1 a day to think about the subject to do, simply write the column classification

2 start next DEDE CMS or other free programs

3 to find the cheapest space providers, and then buy a CN domain name, add up to control at $100 or less

4 lost procedures, find templates, open column

5 acquisition, this gadget is very popular in the past 08 years, Baidu saw the acquisition of K, it is estimated that many people are human flesh update

6 to find a few articles, a little modification under the title, with a new connection, publish to Admin5 webmaster nets and their blog, with the chain

Wait for the

7 Baidu included, keep updated every day, occasionally add some new features in

The establishment process of

this is a webmaster, less difficult, less communication, less cooperation, extra time is every day sitting in front of the computer, or go out of water, or on the QQ site website included no nonsense, etc..

remember 98 years, bird house opened a small cafe, not to the 40 computer, often do the full course of my website, it can be said from the beginning at that time, when Internet cafes recruited a network, then the network can now be said than high technology content more, are top university the computer system, because even when QQ is fresh, can chat QQ people are generally regarded as the network master, can play an Internet cafe who at the time was very cattle.

is a network of love do small pages, basically every day in the night of HTML and the latest network technology background, write their own, special effects do, template yourself, then basically can independently make a forum, in the end, he made a great development forum he later developed the scale of Internet program management system, from the Internet, that opened his own company, at that time, Baidu has not angry, portal also far away, SP spring is not coming, but his own efforts out when the most successful road.

There is a

graph king, he knows a lot of stationmaster, also know he do more because customers call graph king, but few people to serious analysis, why in the year when he will do not collect so many picture stand, is perseverance and persistence.

yes, right now

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