China’s electricity supplier in the next ten years the pattern of development has emerged PC end Al

[IT Time editor] China’s electricity supplier fuzzy pattern of development, with the listing of Jingdong and Alibaba gradually become clear. IT circles had no shortage of analysis on the electricity supplier industry hot events, but few people with the development of the industry trend, and even to predict the pattern of future electricity supplier. Wang Guanxiong, the author of this paper, solves this problem for us now. He combined with ALI and Jingdong, the development of a large number of electricity supplier companies, the system for us to analyze the development of electricity supplier in the next ten years. Help you clearly see the electricity supplier situation, has important guiding significance.

Jingdong successfully landed NASDAQ this week to become the market value of China’s fourth largest Internet Co. Its listing is also the largest Chinese companies in the U.S. capital markets IPO. Then it will be Ma Yun’s footsteps, Alibaba, venture capital circles have been rumored to Alibaba in August 8th will be listed in the United states.

at this point, I believe that the development of China’s electricity supplier industry in the next ten years has gradually clear pattern.

PC end of the electricity supplier war is over: Ali, Jingdong, won

U.S. time on May 22nd, Jingdong officially listed on the Nasdaq, closing price of $20.90, compared with the issue price rose by 10%, the market value of about $28 billion 600 million. By market capitalization, Jingdong second only to BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent).

Jingdong listed on the road is smooth, because U.S. investors believe that Jingdong’s genuine + logistics +IT system model and Amazon (Amazon) is very similar. Given the long sought after in the United States in the Amazon, Amazon China, the story of a listen to understand, investors subscribe enthusiastically, the total subscription amount of 15 times the amount of fund-raising Jingdong. The first public offering of $1 billion 780 million of financing Jingdong, and Tencent to the private placement, raising the total amount of more than $3 billion.

IT industry has a "first second rules", that is, the top two industries together, will account for more than 80% of the market. This law has been widely verified in search, social networking and other major areas of the internet.

at this point, Alibaba, Jingdong, plus third ranked, has constituted the basic aspects of China’s electricity supplier". PC platform level electricity supplier war has ended. In addition to the vertical, a high profit category such as, the rest of the electricity supplier, or to expand the volume, or will be integrated to eat giant.

mobile providers: Jingdong, Tencent lumpy first landing

with mobile phones, tablet PCs and other mobile intelligent devices sweeping the globe, the mobile electricity supplier war has just begun. Giants quickly layout, but the play is different.

Tencent Jingdong implementation of the WeChat married woman strategic injection after the Jingdong’s mobile strategy has been very clear: no need to spend too much money, the use of the layout of the future together with Tencent. It is reported that Jingdong and Tencent currently has thousands of people in the team, is expected to soon have a new product >

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