Biography Google China 6 million 800 thousand to buy baobei com intends to push C2C platform

created from 2003 to the end of last year, has more than 80 million registered members, its Alipay is covering the vast majority of people online shopping Chinese. Now, this dish is likely to be rewritten as the two leader of the search engine, Google (Google) following Baidu, will also enter the C2C market.

a new round of undermining a situation of tripartite confrontation,

it is understood that Baidu will be officially last year in the online trading platform named "ah", and the payment platform named "BaiduPay", and the Alibaba’s "Alipay" just a word. In the near future, we use Baidu search iPhone, ranked first in the search results are likely to be Baidu’s "yes" in the iPhone link.

last year, Baidu has ah, launched a tool that allows the seller to his Taobao store goods transferred to Baidu. Taobao has also begun to block a large area of Baidu sellers. The addition of Google, so that a new round of "poaching" can hardly be avoided.

too want to make money, buy a domain name

6 million 800 thousand

news sources, Google currently has from the domain name Moniker vendors bought, eBay and other places have different approaches but equally satisfactory results "PayPal payment platform". Transaction amount of about $1 million, about 6 million 800 thousand yuan. Google China Marketing Department official said they did not comment on any rumors.

registration information from, the reporter found that the domain name expires in April 19, 2009, when Google is likely to launch its shopping site.


users registered copycat version of "Baobei"

news, related domain name has become xiangbobo.

reporter learned from several major domestic domain name sales website, there are a lot of related domain names are not registered, such as,, etc.. Nanjing a lot of local corn – professional domain name registration users have begun to start.

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