With two dimensional code marketing can not be casual you need to pay attention to these three elem

is the first two-dimensional code marketing art, if you can’t at first glance, attractive, even two-dimensional code behind you is a Alibaba of the treasure, is no good, people do not know, therefore, the two-dimensional code must understand the temptation to stimulate the eye itching is wonderful, good.

if you have enough artistic cells, you can also make a more interesting two-dimensional code, a group of people in Hongkong have been tested, and a great success.


animal like two-dimensional code selling avant-garde art

Zoo Records is a Hongkong independent music stores, independent music is a kind of pioneer, of course, the pioneer is small, more difficult to sell, how to open the market? The record store like a trick, called 14 independent band, the songs and their introduction in 14 different in the two-dimensional code. Of course, this is certainly not enough to live, there must also be weird. This weird record store is a two-dimensional code graphics together into a cat, rat, wolves, snakes, birds, bats, lizards and other animal patterns, everywhere in the city posted on the wall. Customer visit, will be attracted by the unique pattern, using a mobile phone in the animal pattern search, if the scan two-dimensional code to correct, you can open the Zoo Records website, see the corresponding bands and music, and can be purchased directly on the internet.

it is very new, but it’s really very complicated, if not to be swept, consumers will run, if the scan found no interest, do not buy, so in this case it is disadvantage for the sale of two-dimensional code to do, too much from the two-dimensional code to the sales link, the distance is too far too much loss. But if only as a brand promotion, then it will be more interesting, if not introduced, but the music, perhaps better.

two-dimensional code is the charm of the guide sweep after the road, how to let people have the power to sweep is always a big problem. There is a very important content, that is, the target audience, if your two-dimensional code is very interesting, very attractive, but the wrong place, even if tens of thousands of people to sweep, it may not be able to retain a few guests.

waterfront city failed to sell two-dimensional code

has seen such a two-dimensional code promotion, in the handle of the bus, a small area, there is a very beautiful picture and a two-dimensional code, the target point to a coastal city. I thought it was a trip to that seaside town of advertising, with curiosity swept up, found unexpectedly is to let everyone to the distant seaside city to buy a sea view room, for rental and summer use. Obviously, the bus ride, it is difficult for someone to really have the strength to buy such an idle room. Even number because of curiosity and sweep many, the result is advertised but no purchase.

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