nternet products how to develop web products loyal users

recently made an interesting thing, is to collect as much as possible the full link exchange platform for data mining, and then some according to the existing data, hoping to get some enlightenment of Internet product properties. The application of the link platform can be very targeted. As far as possible to collect the data of a type of site, for the most appropriate type of link platform is not enough, the data is also very clear and accurate grasp. Webmasters are aware that the link is a platform for the exchange of links, a link to the platform can be linked to the list of links exchange platform can do what, what benefits.

first, the link exchange platform is a webmaster link exchange platform.

webmaster posted links to exchange information and sell link information, link purchase information, or find the right link exchange; this is the link platform king, loyal users link platform is facing Links website users. Below I show a form to show the link platform user needs (which is the number of letters: classification of data: A:100-200, B:200-500, C:500-1000, D:1000-5000, E:5000-1W, F:1W-2W, G:2W)

link platform, the total number of links, the number of updates

Because the

station in the link platform, and the number of total links link to update the two data is not false, so it is hard data, two data also has the most powerful, we can see that the two data of go9go is second about three times of the base can also be determined ace go9go position. My data statistics time is between October 20th -22 statistics, do not believe that the general can be verified on the site. Also welcome to correct my data…. (PS: my blank place is to indicate that the data is less than 100 of the data is not recorded)

secondly, the link in the link exchange platform released information exchange is a very effective chain.

for a full of links to other websites, do link exchange platform is not a link to the factory? If that is not what the user itself, and hung spam code link platform, only as a link to the factory.

on the go9go release of the hotel network link information display interface

another link on the same platform released information, the same with our link platform as an example, to illustrate the successful internet key products.

first, friendly user interaction design is the basis for the creation of loyal users

when I entered the go9go, can be very good to guide me to register and publish link exchange information, issue purchase link information, publish the sale link information; this is the basis for most people recognize you this product, give the user interaction friendly or not, is the basic > you a good grasp of the user

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