Do a good job in the area of information on the site of gold eight

I was not only stepped into the ranks of the webmaster did not how long, how to do a good job in the area of information and information websites.

one, to choose a good space business, it is best to choose the server business in the region, because most of the visitors are the people of the region, so that your site fast people step.

two, choose a good program, the conditions of the students can write a set of procedures, you can also download some free programs to do some changes.

three, website localization, information and information site an area location in relation to the future development of the website, to what kind of people, to what kind of place is need to think out to think.

four, the customer experience, according to the practice and thinking of the past few months, I think that the customer experience is very important, how to make the first time on your website next time love on your website, it needs a distinct things, a regional information website may have several, if you started later than they would to find the characteristic, grasps key, users see what love you focus to the development of A. Information on the website is with a problem, they want to find some information network is the information they want, if every time they can give to the satisfied answer I believe that he has no reason not second times, third times to your site.

five, layout, layout is not too cumbersome, should be at a glance, dynamic things will be more attractive point of view, allowing users to find the information they want the first time.

six, network promotion, SEO is very important, not too many words, but I like to be precise, the website of the Anyang information network (, in the Baidu search engine Anyang information network, Anyang secondary network, Anyang information network, Anyang Anyang marriage, friends and so on in first, 2 pages, so that through the search the engine to find your site. People will increase, including to add information every day, or not, but to be fine.

seven, local area information and information site promotion, the main user is still in the local population, my previous promotion is printed many small cards to some intermediary, talent market, some people in many places second-hand market and computer city. Furthermore, the conditions of the webmaster can buy some local advertising, outdoor advertising, and so on, I do the door of the outdoor advertising signs, so direct terminal, I believe the popularity of the site will be more.


line activities, the membership of the website over time can be appropriate to do some offline activities, or cheyouhui and so on, can increase the intimacy of these members of the site, they will pass twenty hundred, to establish a good reputation.

believe that you can do it here, you have half the success, the next is to do some fine-tuning according to the needs of users.

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