The experience and psychological journey of an entrepreneur after failure

editor’s note: the author of this paper, Maren Kate was Zirtual’s CEO, in the text about his entrepreneurial experience and psychological experience after the failure.

a few of us sitting in a tall restaurant, the atmosphere is very warm, you can smell the faint smell of honeysuckle outside the house. Upload to the terrace toast each other sound, a handsome young waiter told a joke, a group of amateur art lovers in. It’s like a modern party in Gatsby, except me. I tried to breathe, to suppress my anger, but it made my neck red, but the man in front of me was still chattering…

he said: "I don’t know how you could make such a mistake as CEO. As CEO, I’m not going to let this happen to me."

inhale, exhale. I nodded, shrugged, and after a while I replied, "maybe you’re better than me." I haven’t finished my meal, I have already finished my account silently in my heart.

I was invited to join the CEO company to deal with some contractual issues. Over the past few days, I have studied the company, talked to the staff, and wrote a number of specific recommendations. There are a lot of "easy to solve" problems in the company, if the company’s culture is strong enough, and can focus on the development of the company can overcome obstacles.

but I made a serious mistake. When I was eating, someone asked me how to improve the efficiency of the staff, I honestly answer the question. As I said before, I found that CEO’s face changed immediately, and he took my feedback as a criticism of his leadership. I realized that I was sitting on the opposite side of a "alpha" man with no sense of security. As I prepared to end up red wine tasting, he gave me a direct answer.

"I don’t know how you could make such a mistake as CEO."

in Silicon Valley, admitting mistakes and showing your vulnerable side is the most serious social failure, but I didn’t follow the rules.

when I quit my last company, I had an argument in public. I’ve been running away from social media / news and most other forms of communication for the next month. There are many reasons for the failure of Zirtual, including the board of directors did not complete, do not understand the financial impact of the outsourcing business into their work, and found a careless "outsourcing CFO company", finally, the failure of the company fell to me, all is my fault.

I am a CEO, but I don’t love was "the face in public". The company failed, but I didn’t have any bad intentions in the process. To be honest, we all want to

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