Peng Hongwei soft writing and soft Wen promotion skills


personal blog first optimization key is the promotion of soft paper, now also ranked 100 Valley home first. But I haven’t really wrote about this article, is really ashamed, the recent departure, so to write.

first talk about the purpose and effect of soft Wen promotion

1 the promotion purpose is to through the soft Wen, improve product promotion, brand or website in the industry’s visibility, two is to bring the actual user through the soft can, such as web site, it can bring to the user traffic.

2 the promotion effect, if the same kind of products or the same site, in a short period of time, appeared in a related article, whether it is news website, or industry information website also contains well-known blog comments, make your product or web site soon by the public attention, especially for you the audience, also can put your potential customers into your user group. If you are in the article into your web site links, but also effectively increase the quality of your external links, increase the search engine rankings and opportunities.

soft writing skills

1, soft writing is the first to ensure that the original, not to say that the one hundred percent from their own hands, but also can not copy too much, you can learn a little bit of good points from others. The best control in about ten percent. The original content for readers and search engines, are helpful, if you often have their own original article, can increase the spider’s preferences, perhaps can also visit your site every day several times, increase the content included speed. Increase your loyal user base. The article was reproduced by other sites more opportunities. Also disguised as the author himself and you want to promote the product to do free promotion.

2, the title of the article should be enough to attract the eye, the title of an article for the success or failure of the play a great role, but does not promote the popularity of the network, the title of the party". The title is astepping-stone to success to attract users click Browse to your article, I have in the company do product promotion of soft also done experiments, the same content, for two different titles in two flow roughly the same version of the area, click on the amount of great disparity (but also know this pen. The experiment is not reliable, the preferences of users is not the same degree) but the title or subject is closely linked to the article, you also don’t blindly seek the title of the new in order to be different. Internet users are not fools, lied to a time you can cheat two times?

3, the contents of the article must have the characteristics of the theme, the writing of the article, we must understand why to write this article, write this article to be able to achieve what kind of effect, in order to achieve this effect, need to choose what kind of the subject content, to highlight the characteristics of what. For example, I once wrote an article for an alliance that was just starting out, and the theme of the time was, since it was the starting League, of course, a large web site

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