nternet marketing to make the viewer your client

1. Let the viewer trust you

there are always some bad business, product quality is not good or bad service, customer service, network marketing will also give the overall impact, in order to obtain the trust of users, you must show the legitimacy of your company, I think, let users trust the most basic to meet the following conditions: clear address, telephone, fax website security, authentication, government and industry organization awards.

two. Site to live

can set up a blog, write both the development of the company, life is surging, as far as possible into the individual character, make people feel is behind a website or a group of people and not true to life, a cold site, can also be placed on their own or employee photos. The blog on staff or your own photos, there are the conditions you could shoot a video transmission on.

three. Product introduction

Taobao in a promotional activities, not only the advantages of the product listed, but also the shortcomings listed, surprisingly, not only did not affect sales, but also achieved a user trust.

customers to buy a lot of things are impulsive, touched his feelings, a desirable scene, so that the user unknowingly entered the scene you create. Of course, this requires good literary talent.

is a classic D version of NOKIA N95 ad copy.

four. Customer evaluation

customer evaluation should include "what benefits your products bring to customers, what problems to solve", etc.. Only in this way, the browser to see this letter, will be associated with their own problems, or want to get the same benefits, you will believe that the product and the impulse to buy. But not every customer is a marketing expert, we can give each other some tips, so that stronger efforts to prove.

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want to do more than a few information is not difficult, the only condition is that the company’s products are good enough.

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