Dry cargo 13 improve the conversion rate of content production skills

to improve the content conversion rate is almost all the demands of content marketers, but also the biggest pain points. Whether it is a WeChat article, or a web page, your goal is to allow users to follow the path you expect, click, subscribe, and even become a customer to pay for your product.

but how do you improve the conversion rate of content? The following article, will be combined with the case to demonstrate 13 practical skills.

1 using keywords

writers have been using keywords for years to try to attract more attention and arouse the reader’s feelings. Check out this ad from David Ogilvy:


pays attention to all the underlined words, they solve the boring problem, and depicts a vivid picture of the product.

2 highlights in the first paragraph

According to a survey of 2000 people by

, the average of each person’s attention today is just a matter of about 8 seconds (down from 2000 in the second quarter of 12). So when someone comes into your site, you have only a few seconds to catch their attention.

in addition to the obvious (for example, increase speed), one way to do this is to follow the inverted Pyramid writing. The most important information presented in previous paragraphs.


some of the media’s performance has followed this strategy, for example, the daily mail.


3 replaces

with vision

research shows that we significantly faster than the text in the processing of visual effects. For example, you can look at how Seth Godin uses pictures on his website. Instead of the traditional "blog" link, the site asks you to click on Seth’s head to read his blog. Combined with bold colors, this visual executable is much more powerful than text links.


at the same time, notice how Seth uses his expression to divert your attention to the navigation menu. This is a clever example of the use of "eye focus" to emphasize the elements of a particular page.

if you want to emphasize one thing, use visual elements instead of subtle words.

4 continues to emphasize value in guidance

your content is process oriented ("registration conversion optimization course today!"), it can also be of value ("registration conversion optimization course 86%!"). The former describes an activity that describes what value is created by the activity.

as you know, the customer is more concerned with value than the process

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