SEM case keyword Deployment Analysis of plastic websites

Beijing cosmetic net carrying hundreds of cosmetic related keywords, how these keywords in the web site to obtain reasonably reflect the search engine’s favor? Today keywords cosmetic website deployment and common analysis, if you have different opinions and welcome to SEM first aid manual: message.

home page keyword analysis:

Beijing cosmetic web page has four main keywords: face lift augmentation liposuction, keyword density were 2% 1% 2% 2%, the general SEOER that "keyword density distribution is reasonable in 3%-8%, but because Beijing cosmetic line is not a long time, in order to avoid excessive optimization impression to the search engine, LEO keywords density control in 2%, and strive to achieve coherence in general, pay attention not to deliberately accumulation. (density check tool:

note: search engines pay more attention to the top of the page, the left and the bottom, in these places a reasonable distribution of your main keywords, such as the appropriate use of the label, and in the main page in real-time. Will be the key words of the channel page layout in addition to the above two levels of these areas, and the use of links to guide, pay attention to the density and distribution.

channel page keyword analysis:

Beijing plastic beauty network is divided into 20 channels, each channel has several sub channels, carrying hundreds of long tail keywords.

will each channel page as an independent web site home page, optimization method and home page optimization method the same.

content page keyword analysis:

Beijing cosmetic net special page is keywords are generally long tail keywords, the keywords flow is relatively small, generally in the Baidu few in the business competition, do not look down on these flows, if there are thousands of such long tail keywords you website, these traffic is very considerable.

here are some tips I do content page:

1 title name: page keyword appears, the site name

2.Keywords: channel keywords, page keyword

For example:

note liposuction liposuction surgery

3.Deion: original text, summed up the content of the article, the key words appear, the words remain below 100 words.

4 page content: conditional on the original, if there are no conditions if making false original, but we should pay attention to is the search engine is not stupid, do not think that the change of the title, adjust the structure of it, it is best to collect a large number of authoritative information, and then integrate the beginning and end of the article. "

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