Who pays for your knowledge from the media value of the new exploration

the day before yesterday because of the reader’s advice, it is a chance to try to read the article. Before I was very disturbed, because I always think that knowledge is priceless, but Chinese habits have free access to what. So I wrote 8 years of experience sharing blog and do a good job of training for the past 2 years, did not receive a penny to the user.

is not that I do not want to pay training, no one would think too much money, but the way to pay training, I can not accept, too cumbersome. Training is a typical knowledge to produce value, like most of the friends around is to do the training, they pay attention to the value of knowledge, but also obtained the respect of others. So I have been trying to find a way, how to make the value of my knowledge at the same time, but also to get more people’s respect, but do not want to do so much pay training.

yesterday that pay to read articles as of today, there have been nearly 250 people paid to read, although I only require 28 yuan, but a friend a direct hit 333 yuan, 280 yuan, 100 yuan have, let me very inspired. And found that there are a lot of users, after paying attention to my WeChat, but the natural growth of more fans. In order to make my life values have changed, it is really something to pay more people cherish, but also feel valuable?

figure: the real vote of paid users, 74% of friends are willing to continue to pay, because they do not know what to buy before the content, it is inevitable to meet the expectations of all people. So 74% of my friends are very satisfied, I think it’s pretty good.

if it was a few years ago, because of an article to make their own close to ten thousand dollars, I will be very excited. Because at that time I am a month’s wages are less than 10 thousand yuan. And now I am relatively more calm, if you want to make money by paying the article, it is too tired. Because the dry cargo is probably not worth paying for every day, and after paying attention is very large. This is bigger than the operation of WeChat’s friends, make too much money.

compared to earn a few thousand dollars, I value the value behind this thing, how many friends in the end will be willing to pay to learn my experience. Yesterday is the only hit loyal readers and 28 old students, or even understand childhood friend, and in my previous company leadership and the life of the various friends, so I am very encouraged.

my personal public numbers from September 11th officially launched today, just 20 days time, subscription number by more than 4 thousand fans, yesterday paid post for the first profit, is also from the media circle a new profit case. When 4000 fans, through an article to get a sponsorship of $8000, equivalent to a fan has produced a value of $2.


: as of last night’s number of concerns

1: thinking about how to write independent blog profit

because of the operation of the national micro signal, >

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