The core network marketing of electronic commerce

first contact electricity supplier operations, to say that summer I worked in Beijing summer vacation. Perhaps it was the one time in Beijing, an electricity supplier company to work for two months, from an ignorant little girl, turned into a crazy obsession with the electricity supplier enthusiasts. Perhaps that is the time, let me personally feel the Internet platform has a huge space for development.

my major in the university is to learn the software that day is so blind to knock some of the code, although for some people who have not contacted, it looks very high-end. What day is actually no sense of programming, so that the whole of this society and I derailed a lot, although I have crazy pursuit of the trend, basically in the online shopping every week, but I do not know what is the electronic commerce, and even no contact. Summer vacation, I went to Beijing, in an online shop to buy home appliances to do after-sales service, that is my first job, hard is inevitable, but I really long experience. Some of my colleagues from the mouth to know, the electricity supplier operating wage is very good, but I did not quite understand what is the operation, so I own in online learning, search information and later to open his own shop, but in the end I did not open, the reason is that I introduce lifted the network marketing through friends. Through continuous learning I know that electronic commerce is the core of the network marketing, network marketing only mastered all be nothing difficult.

network marketing has a variety of forms, my main study is SEO and SEM, of course, also contacted other ways of selling, such as WeChat marketing, forum marketing, micro-blog marketing, integrated marketing, etc.. Today, more and more small businesses in China, they are gradually aware of the importance of network marketing has joined the Internet industry. We all know to sell products on the Internet, also is the network marketing, to sell their products on the Internet, 1, there is a platform which is your domain name space, 2, has a good products and services, 3, traffic. Perhaps the first two is not difficult for most enterprises, but the third is not so easy to sell on the Internet, most of the products are sold to sell, must let others know your product, how to let others know, and let most people know, this is also a problem a a problem. So the network marketing industry is playing an increasingly important role.

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third, how to flow? Most people will think of Baidu for promotion, but the huge cost will really bring benefits to us what we want? Can, but that is for large enterprises, but these small and medium enterprises can afford us? Or take the conventional way with search engine optimization, by means of SEO technology to bring up, I said I do not say that as long as the chef himself up inside the line, but to do it to the top three, Baidu snapshot of the first page of the first three. Of course, this is not easy, but it is not difficult, it will not be difficult to do, through my years of painstaking research to do the first three or so. Here you can share the experience: 1, to discuss >

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