Lu Yuanzhong SEO practice by SEO e commerce website business venture

          through the first two chapters, "SEO practice to increase the chain method and the need to pay attention to the addition of the chain"; "SEO practice of the internal structure of the website design optimization". How to optimize the site SEO and get a good ranking of the in-depth explanation. The site has a popularity, the problem is placed in front of everyone is how to apply the popularity. Turn popularity into renminbi. At this stage of the Internet mature profit model is summarized as selling services, selling products, pull investment listed.

            subdivision website profit model can be divided into: A. do information station advertising revenue. B. Search engine rankings. C. Game site sales equipment. D. MMS website download revenue with customized ringing tone customized ringing tone SP into. E. professional data website sales professional data. Such as: Shuangseqiu lottery lottery sales forecast data; net sales data recommended recommended stocks. F: to provide professional service platform to collect fees for businesses. Service charge. Alibaba. G. e-commerce. A variety of profit model combined with the operation of the SEO and the popularity of the RMB into the way I will explain in detail to you. Today to explain to you through the successful operation of e-commerce website SEO venture.

            electronic commerce; electronic commerce has three modes.

              the first model represented by TAOBAO. E-commerce platform for personal and individual transactions. Let anyone who wants to start a business in the above shop sales. Individuals earn income by selling goods. After a certain number of individual businesses to stay. TAOBAO ranking by bidding. Fill value service charge. This model is called personal trading platform services (C2C) model.

            second models represented by Alibaba. Is to provide business and business e-commerce platform. Let businesses do not have to pay expensive costs to make their own product sales site. Alibaba registered through an account can be released and online sales of company products. Businesses by providing a platform to save costs and to promote their products in the world. The platform service companies can be ranked by the enterprise bidding. Enterprise advertisement. Enterprise value added services revenue. This model is called B2B trading platform is the business and business transactions.

          the first two modes of personal e-commerce construction are obvious shortcomings. 1. Many platforms. In order to show themselves from many businesses, stand out. You need to pay a small fee to participate in the competition row

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