Aunt Lee to see the brand promotion strategy

Aunt Lee who is

? The recent controversial figures, from obscure blog to SEO third, overnight in the SEO sector and the webmaster spread, browse the blog visitors, who asked for the discovery in a continuous line. However, it seems to me that this is a successful case of corporate propaganda. No matter who is behind, who is a trader who, aunt Lee BLOG in advertising perspective, success. We don’t need to go into a dispute, we don’t have to look at the search engine, we should look at the higher level.

It is said that the

XX network is aunt Lee blog owner, the hearsay I think it should be put out of the XX themselves, the purpose is through the successful speculation, to let others understand XX, let potential customers aware of their existence, that is, the real soft soft advertising strategy. Promotion means a lot, but ordinary people to seize the psychological, you can be successful, regardless of type or type of explosion curry favour by claptrap, news, or who are willing to buy, as long as you work hard to reflect on the operational details, hobby to cater to the target group, you can successfully create a separate sky. As a webmaster, have relied on the SE is very painful, the young man is the most precious time and youth, when youth is gone, when SE was away, that time will really feel helpless the fickleness of the world.

no matter which row industry, we need to promote, even if you are a piece of gold, do not try to climb out of the sand, until the day you really light, you may have no value in. Even if the light does not shine shine. Only a few decades of life, as alive, since the choice of the business, then we should not live up to the decades given opportunity for us, not to believe in an afterlife, only life. We need to struggle, need to use ideas to make money, try to do it, there are many opportunities to make money, help your chances of success are many, perseverance, is good at exploring. Learn how to sell yourself and promote yourself. You have a successful day.

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