Yang Bo watercress network entrepreneurial process

      Yang Bo famous, Starbucks’s sofa seat is more and more difficult to account for.

30 year olds, a cup of coffee, a laptop, brush brush written procedures, a good web page, linked to the line, will fire, investment funds have hit……

This is a page

Yang Bo and douban.net anecdotal, this story has inspired many would like to venture on the Internet for young people, the Starbucks business does not want to fire difficult.

"exaggerated," Yang Bo smiled corrected about his entrepreneurial fairy tale, "Starbucks wrote the program is right, but we can have a cup of coffee can bubble half, where people all day is too much, a lot of work is done at home."

home in Beijing Chaoyangmen watercress alley, this name is plain and interesting, "grassroots casual friendly", Yang Bo made his name with its website.

March 6, 2005, Yang Bo Douban officially launched, he is worthy of the name "IT, a self-employed" any individual product design and network maintenance.

this is not his first venture, "before 2000, I work in the Silicon Valley IBM, a researcher in the R & D team, quit his job and returned to Beijing, he joined Tsinghua old classmates of the entrepreneurial team, in a logistics company as chief technology officer.

in the summer of 2004, Yang Bo withdrew from the company, the first venture failed. He got two valuable experience, its "don’t be tempted by what looks like a great opportunity, or should do the things you love"; second, "their own business often takes a long time to see the future, must have enough psychological preparation, don’t fret."

in July of that year, he returned to the United States, but found himself totally unacceptable to punch in the big company life. So once again, to start their second venture.

this time, he wants to make a website, a website that allows users to comment and share information.

After the official launch of the

website, Yang Bo in a technical forum post, said there is a watercress network, please go to see.

the first batch of users in this way through the link to come in, and began to leave a message, write comments, you write an article, I wrote an article, the site began to use it."

Yang Boshou in front of the computer, always watching, watching, often very excited to see the dawn.

in March 2006, has recruited the Yang Bo fight a lone battle first bean employee -Brant. He is also the 212nd users watercress. There are a total of more than a dozen people, the vast majority of watercress is the old user.

in the Web2.0 wave, watercress appeared to get the attention of the industry, it seemed to be a commentary (book and film reviews, music website, >)