Handle network was difficult to buy a million financing puzzle website model

in recent months, two kinds of innovation mode of the domestic Internet most fire – "Groupon" and "Foursquare", with lashou accumulated $5 million financing for the first time the dust settles, both are bound together. In this regard, some analysts believe that, G + F mode or will become a new way to resolve the domestic capital group buying mode. However, buy the site’s own development model confusion, perhaps not with the Foursquare and bundled and clear. And, even if the "G" + "F" model does have a competitive advantage in the current group buying site, it will lead to a new round of imitation.

CEO handle Wu Bo in a press release said, handle network to complete the A round of financing of $5 million after the company’s valuation has reached 100 million yuan, of which the "Groupon" and "Foursquare" platform of the valuation of 50 million yuan. Many people are optimistic about the binding of the two models. However, some analysts believe that, although the two concepts are popular concept, bundled together, also attract financing, but after all, the domestic group purchase website is still in the initial stage, the development prospects are still unclear, at present still can not explain where the advantages of this mode.

recently, with the rise of the U.S. buy site GroupOn, the domestic Internet practitioners began to quickly copy the foreign buy mode. According to Analysys International Statistics, at present, the domestic group purchase website up to 300-400. These sites are not only similar in style, but also very similar to the recommended products.

Li Kaifu, former president of Google Greater China has said is not optimistic about the group purchase website: innovation factory after Groupon launched its investigation for half a year, eventually abandoned the project development in china. Li Kaifu has three reasons: first, low threshold, easy to be as long as very little capital can do group purchase website copying, some college students started to do this kind of website; second, to large companies, low profit margins, is very difficult to calculate can reach 100 million earnings of $third, the business was difficult; repeat: the user benefit, but only to see the price, Chinese consumers more concerned about the price, so rarely repeat customers, businesses eventually won’t feel satisfied with this promotion service.

can be seen from the above, buy site low threshold, easy to be copied, poor quality of service, which is also the site to buy a lot of people left the impression. And because the threshold is low, plagiarism is easy, so the domestic "out" Group buy site, and the fierce competition between them, the industry called "hundred regiments"".

for the current domestic group purchase website of the "hundred regiments", Analysys International (Analysys International) study shows that most of the entrepreneurial group purchase website will be eliminated in the competition, with fewer strong operation ability can survive. Platform with user resources, the integration of multiple modes of buy mode, the future of such platforms will be implanted group