Ma Yun sure Taobao adjust search rules the mind by the wronged big


Ma Yun (Sina pictures)


technology news September 6th morning news, Alibaba group chairman of the board and CEO Jack Ma last night to the staff Alibaba issued entitled "survival" as the ideal internal mail, he said, to promote new commercial civilization, adhere to the ideals and mission to pay a huge cost, but the Alibaba never because the interests and change their appeal to all Ali went to adhere to the principle, adhere to the ideals and uphold the mission of development road.

Ma Yun said in an e-mail: "adhere to do the right thing, adhere to their ideals and mission is to pay a huge price, at any time the same. Especially in today’s business environment in China, the creation of open and transparent, honest responsibility, sharing of commercial civilization will destroy a large number of vested interests."

Ma Yun also specifically mentioned in the mail after the Taobao search rules to adjust the event. Previously, for search regulation was part of the Taobao seller fierce opposition, accused Taobao of rules intended to obtain more commercial interests, even once the seller is connected to the Taobao rally.

I am very proud of the fact that our colleagues can give up their own interests today to pursue a more conducive to sustainable and healthy development of the user fair approach." Ma Yun in the mail before the search to make sure the direction of the search to make adjustments, said the adjustment is based on the protection of the interests of consumers, but also to support the integrity of the seller’s. And according to Taobao announced before, the search focused on increasing the quality of the seller’s service quality, which is the most important factor in the choice of consumers to consider the network sellers.

but Ma is also good for this kind of good be misinterpreted – to support the integrity of the seller is said to be to give up small sellers, consumer protection measures to be accused of obtaining their business interests – – regret. Ma Yun Taobao of distinction between big sellers and small sellers accused responded that the only difference between the open and honest, have responsibility, Alibaba will fully support the enterprises and sellers who bear the responsibility and integrity, open.

Ma mail again stressed: "our God is only one, that is the user!" he thought, from the Alibaba proposed the establishment of an open, transparent, and share the responsibility of new commercial civilization this mission and goals, they will encounter obstacles and difficulties we may encounter different types. To this end, Ma issued a call to employees, in order to achieve the goal, with their own efforts to change and improve the business community.

Ma Yun said that the creation of new commercial civilization will destroy a large number of vested interests, we want to fight against various forces, including the huge black industry chain of evil forces." He admits that the Internet is a big world, Taobao is also a big society, we do not live in a vacuum world. "A lot of people doubt everything, fight everything, deny everything,…… People do not believe that others will do good things, there will be people for the ideals and principles