Online virtual currency trading platform began to adjust foreign policy

domestic online game virtual currency trading platform began to gradually adjust foreign policy, including companies have been explicitly shut down such game trading services. Interim Measures for the management of online games, the provisions of the transaction for the online games without censorship or filing, will be fined up to 30 thousand yuan.

yesterday, China online game service network ( announced that "11:00 will be held today (Tuesday), close all overseas, Taiwan trading game". 5173 is one of the earliest and largest online trading platform.

5173 said the decision was made, it is the response to the relevant policies and regulations.

the Ministry of culture in June 9th this year issued the "Interim Measures" of the network game management, twentieth of the second requirements, online game virtual currency trading service enterprises, shall not be without examination or for the record online games provide trading services. Otherwise, by the cultural department shall order correction, and according to the seriousness fined 30000 yuan.

in July 29th the Ministry of Culture issued a notice again, to further clarify the online game virtual currency trading service enterprise, not the network game and People’s Republic of China overseas operation for review by the Ministry of culture or the record of the network game, network game operators qualified enterprises operating online games provide trading services.

informed sources, the relevant departments in charge of the supervision of the virtual currency network as the focus, requiring the full implementation of relevant policies on the provisions of the network currency. And the outside world is generally considered a comprehensive adjustment is about to begin.

is currently outside the 5173, the number of European flying card network, Taobao, pat Network and other online games involving virtual currency trading companies, foreign companies have not yet made clear requirements. To date, the number of online o’fei card card number of foreign service products are still selling, World of Warcraft (Taiwan) card products occupy the top three.

People on Sina Technology said, still unaware of the matter, but Taobao has always been very supportive and follow the relevant departments of the state laws and regulations, once the relevant policies, Taobao must implement and adjustment measures in accordance with the provisions of the state".

according to statistics, in 2009 the number of online game users reached 65 million 870 thousand, online games virtual goods transaction revenue reached $15 billion 700 million, and is still growing at an annual rate of 20%.