Shen Haoyu Baidu will continue to close the PPC keyword

September 18th news, according to foreign media reports, Chinese network search engine giant Baidu (BIDU) to search after the promotion of the system of "new phoenix nest" in more than half of customers, the future will continue to close the old keyword bid ranking system, to accelerate the replacement of old and new system. However, the proportion of advertising customers to achieve the same proportion of time.

, vice president of Baidu business Shen Haoyu told Reuters in an interview and said that Baidu and Google (GOOG) not because of the competition and the blind expansion of the size of the sales staff, Baidu good momentum of rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce platforms and is seeking a strategic partnership.

phoenix nest system is an upgrade to Baidu PPC, phoenix nest will become an important driving force in the growth of Baidu performance." Shen Haoyu said.

in mid June, Baidu shut down a few key management authority in the PPC system, replaced by a new generation of search marketing management platform "phoenix nest" to take over. At the beginning of September, Baidu once again closed about 800000 PPC keyword.

Analysys International analyst Li Zhi said, compared to PPC, phoenix nest has better promotion effect, will stimulate the advertising spending, so as to enhance the Baidu average revenue per user (Average Revenue Per User). Li Zhi expects the first fourth quarters of this year, the market will be able to see more clearly the phoenix nest to boost the effect of Baidu revenue.

, however, Li Zhi also said that even if the phoenix nest completely replace the bidding rankings, the role of Baidu to expand market share will be very limited. After the revision of the Baidu phoenix nest, its function is similar to Google’s ADWords, which has been operating in the country for many years, and Baidu until April this year, was officially launched Phoenix nest".


of Google keyword bidding system to search advertising results and make a distinction between natural search results, previously Baidu PPC two search results together, it brings certain confusion to the general user search. After the upgrade, phoenix nest in the advertising display and ADWords is very close, but also improve the accuracy of advertising.

Ji Weidong expects that by the end of 2009, in terms of revenue, Baidu’s search market share in China will be raised to 71%-72%. According to Analysys, Baidu in the second quarter of this year China search market accounted for 62%.

new and old system integration no timetable

Shen Haoyu said that although many companies at the same time enabled the phoenix nest and competitive rankings, but the cost of customers in the phoenix nest also accounted for only a small part. He said that there is no timetable for integration of new and old systems.

, a senior Baidu executive who declined to be named, told Reuters on Friday that he expects the phoenix nest to "take the place of the bidding system" by an annual basis." In view of the enterprise user "phoenix nest" operation and use also need a period of adaptation, Baidu can not be short

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