Video piracy really dead Hidden in the corner of the nternet piracy the Peach Garden

said: a few years ago, hundreds of pieces of hand video copyright lawsuit, now a pile of not; video website: homemade drama and variety shows investment has gradually catch up with the TV station; netizen said: watermelon and Gigi audio on the gun version, everyone in the film chasing overseas drama; college students say: brother built campus BT what station are, but people can not be on the outside.


lawyer said: a few years ago, the hands of hundreds of pieces of video copyright lawsuit; now, there is no

video site: homemade drama and variety show investment has been gradually catching up with the television station

friends said: watermelon, Kyrgyzstan video shot on the gun version, everyone film chase overseas drama

students said: brother built campus BT station on what are, but outside people can not

[/IT] Times reporter Sun Yan "piracy in Chinese is dead." Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang his words, it attracted uproar. Life experience constantly remind Chinese people questioned: piracy really dead? "IT times" reporter interview survey found that Chinese piracy in the field of Internet video market share is almost negligible, but little hotbed of pirated video and the Peach Garden but also still.

video copyright lawsuit from

Zhang Zhaoyang argument, quite as gold on his face. Zhang Zhaoyang’s first argument is through several video piracy war, the Internet environment has been purified. From the beginning of 2009, Sohu led the establishment of video anti piracy alliance, each big video website turns to sit on the dock, reveals their piracy sin. 2010, Youku sued 6 cool, cool 6 Sue potatoes, excellent friends Bullock sued Xunlei, LETV prosecution as you, this is the last time "II on the eve of the Chinese video industry reshuffle".

Youku and Tudou is now a "good gay friend", in 2011, they also have incompatible like water and fire. The potatoes will be "in the history of the most serious infringement" of the crime in the crown on the head of Youku, Youku potatoes sued piracy exclusive introduction of the "Kangxi", and claims 150 million challenged Youku Video Site qualification. Then, Youku potatoes Youku potatoes broadcast counterattack, Sue 100 hit TV drama and original content.

video site pattern is now stable, survive or have been successfully listed on IPO, or backed by BAT chiefs, the formation of a relatively stable industrial environment, the number of video lawsuits plummeted.

"video site must be washed before the listing, before barefoot shoes are not afraid." Before the Shanghai state law office lawyer said, Li Bai group, he designed to play video copyright case when the most well-known Shanghai, holding hundreds of lawsuits, now this is not a business, so he and his team will have to focus on other industries in the internet. From the beginning of this year, Baidu and Nora have been rectification, it is clear that we have not received a video website piracy >

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