Search engine Bing on a new round of search engine battle is about to start

Microsoft announced Thursday that its new Bing search engine will be officially launched next week after the news, the company’s Live search department director Stephen · waize (StefanWeitz) subsequently accepted an interview with the outside world, said Bing will work to change the user search habits. The famous American magazine "fortune" online edition published an article today, Internet search market in the United States, not only Microsoft, YAHOO hopes to erode the market share of Google, and recently WolframAlpha involved, which means that the search engine market, a new round of war broke out.

new old rival

last week reported that Microsoft will launch this week, a new search engine services, its development code is Kumo, the official name is Bing. YAHOO search also returned to the content of the search results were adjusted. Not only that, the new search engine services WolframAlpha was formally launched last week. In a WolframAlpha service, the user searches for the query in the search box, and the search engine returns the answer directly to the user, rather than returning a bunch of web links.

U.S. Internet traffic monitoring agency comScore previously released statistics show that in April of this year, Google’s search market share in the United States was 64.2%, YAHOO and Microsoft were 20.4% and 8.2%, respectively. Obviously, Google search market in the United States still maintained its dominance. Microsoft, YAHOO and WolframAlpha and other new and old rivals wanted to pull the Google, it must take other circuitous tactics.

U.S. market research firm YankeeGroup technology analyst Carle (CarlHowe) said: if you want to compete with Google, the way the frontal attack is not feasible.

since February last year, Microsoft has repeatedly launched negotiations with YAHOO, hoping to merge the search business of the two companies, which together to challenge Google. In the "Wall Street journal" blog site D: all digital (D:AllThingsDigital) Wednesday chaired the D7 technology conference, YAHOO CEO Carol Bartz (CarolBartz) said that the current negotiations with Microsoft, YAHOO has made some progress, but the two sides still have not reached any substantive agreement.

strong stronger

British investment bank CollinsStewart analyst Sandeep Aga Wall (SandeepAggarwal) is expected, Microsoft and YAHOO at the end of July this year is expected to reach a deal with search business.

Aga Wall believes that Google search market in the United States to take advantage of, if in accordance with the current trend of development, its market share will further increase. In Google’s search traffic, the vast majority of its search home page. While Microsoft and YAHOO search traffic, but mainly from the two companies each

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