Daily topic balance treasure yields fell below 6% said not to rely on revenue to win

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network March 4th news, the end of February a blog of Niu Wenxin pointed out that "the balance of treasure is a vampire should be banned" has caused a lot of controversy. As the balance of the Internet financial products treasure has been questioned since the birth of the day. The balance of treasure on the 2 day of this month, the annual yield of less than seven, since December 26th last year for the first time fell below the level of 6%.

day before the media reported that, as of February 18th, the balance of treasure scale reached 460 billion yuan, the number of investors in 73 million; 10 days later, by February 27th, the number of account balances treasure impact 81 million highs, assets exceeded 500 billion yuan be nothing difficult. Once the name of the balance of treasure yield is below 6%, the launch period 7 year yield easily soared above 6% compared with last year, the decline rate of return could not help but doubt.

in addition to the balance of treasure, WeChat CAITONG, Baidu earned hundreds of other popular Internet financial products yields are also in decline range. Among them, CAITONG docking Chinese wealth treasure Monetary Fund in March 1st seven, the annual yield of 6.068%, Baidu hundred earned ligunli version docking Castrol current treasure Monetary Fund "in March 2nd seven, the annual yield of 6.0570, from breaking six are only one step away.

in fact, no wonder about the decline in yields. The balance of treasure is born in the money market is extremely high price period, and invest in the extremely high price of the currency market. The fund will be invested in these funds at zero cost profit high annual yield of more than 8%-10% of the money market through the balance of treasure platform, to customers in return of around 6% is entirely possible to achieve. Why now yields fell below 6% because of the relatively loose liquidity after the Spring Festival, the money market interest rates fall. Shanghai interbank market overnight lending rate has fallen below 2% in March 3rd; one week and two weeks were decreased to 2.821% and 3.734%, a year down to 5.0001%. This will result in a substantial decline in the balance of treasure deposit agreement.

day hongzeng fund manager Wang Dengfeng had previously explained that "Yu Ebao’s return is to go along with the funds rate in December last year, the funds rate to rise again, the income balance treasure is also high. Low interest rates before the fund, the balance of treasure revenue is also reduced. If the currency market to weaken the balance of the treasure will be a stable income return to return to the process, not suddenly fall down. We have never said how much the yield, the yield is not our first consideration, we are most concerned about risk control."

had more than the industry analysis, the first half of this year, high-yield Internet financial products rate is difficult to continue. On the one hand, the bank temporarily do not need Lanchu high interest rates, funds face more relaxed; on the other hand, regulatory policy atmosphere, Internet financial products face growing risks.

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