How to quickly improve the flow of Blog

my blog site for a month, now every day from the search has about 200IP, how do I do it? Share with you.

1, so that Baidu and GG included, this is the most basic, it should not be said to understand it!

2, the best exchange links, and some of the same types of exchange site, can have high PR value of course the best.

3, hair articles, enrich their blog content. It should be noted that it is not easy to pull a few articles on the Internet, you have to look at the title of his key words, how to make the search for a wider range of search. For example, you need to send an article is Kingsoft king, you can go to this:    see and Kingsoft related what search volume is high, then write the title of the largest range to include the inside (but not too long, or cheating)

4, the next is to update the article every day, if you can have their own original, of course, the best. If it does not matter, as long as in accordance with the third said, the title of the time to write more research on how to write the best, every day to do some key words. My station is now generally do the key words of the software category, we can go to see:    (every day the best update 1-2 article)

5, if you have time, can the BBS post, in connection with the signature of their own blog. Or like I now write some soft text submitted to the major sites, etc.. Ha-ha。

6, wait, slowly will have to search your site. Don’t happy, have to continue posting. Persistence is victory!

I am now the most headache is to write the title of the article every day, have to study for a long time, huh, huh, huh.

you have any questions you can ask me, in fact, I was just beginning to learn, there are many places do not understand ha ~

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