Taobao VS WeChat shopping Ma burst Tencent win


of the Internet today fight so fierce, so mutual exclusion is not means extremely cruel and merciless, has become the Internet to grab share the homely food. Today I look at you, then we will have the potential to work together to rob, tomorrow a little unhappy and become the enemy.

When the WeChat

and Alipay cooperation is jubilant. But because of the outbreak of the war the data in two words, what is the data? Data refers to the flow of chant, WeChat first blocked Taobao marketing, then Ma counter stop cooperation with WeChat to pay on.

reason is that the two cooperation is complementary, but both sides believe that they were suppressed. So far the two is still the enemy. Two such attacks in the end who is the real winner is Ma Yun, because the public has become a God in the heart of Ma Yun.

after the outbreak of the incident, Ma bought, Sina and micro-blog cooperation in the field of. While WeChat is still exploring its own profit model, the development of micro payment, micro shop, even today with Jingdong cooperation is very happy.

Through the analysis of

you will see Ma to the flow, the flow will have customers, customers will have money, so Ma busy all day purchase of the Internet Co, the Internet Co, the acquisition of investment funds is not. This monopoly is very effective Internet style action, the effect is also very good.

and WeChat it since that cut off the entrance Taobao flow can be even bigger and bigger, sooner or later? This is a stupid idea, although WeChat has 600 million users, but to the current earnings but in addition to others is the diversion, received hundreds of pieces of the certification fee in no choice, after all, mobile phone client APP is a giant, it is unfamiliar street. Although WeChat is compared with unfamiliar street users also have the bright younger generation, but also billions of dollars, associated with Ma Yun’s Taobao payment cooperation is in full swing, this is undoubtedly the WeChat is a blow.

in the shopping mode analysis, shopping at Taobao are based on the public goods, the price is reasonable, Ling Lang everywhere, although the occupation of good client is a good thing, but I have found that ninety percent of people still love the shopping on the computer, because the mobile phone display screen is small, the content is limited, but also up and down sliding around in the PC, but is not the same, such as in the Taobao just lose a keyword, will appear a lot of whole sellers, price transparency, first of all to human vision is a kind of impact, this impact will then through the brain can not disable mouse hand control browse shopping interface, see their own love of goods.


is currently shopping cooperation with Jingdong, the Jingdong is not always low prices, the same goods to Jingdong ten percent price higher than Taobao, although the interface is very good, it is also very good, the first intelligent mobile phone, but the price is completely lost, at most is to see more, buy less.

is also taking the micro circle of friends beyond count, brush every day.

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