To calculate the cost of electronic commerce free lunch account




says there’s no such thing as a free lunch. At least, in business, profitability is the last word. Can happen in the field of e-commerce, we hold high, are free of charge regardless of the cost of the banner. This is the most typical, is free shipping and cash on delivery.

free shipping

free shipping first appeared in the early 20th century electricity supplier company. Such as Dangdang, excellence, because the book price is very low, users buy online book, a book may be higher than the price (the line bookstore is mostly sold as cheap) 20%, 3 to 5 yuan of money, but a plus freight, it is not worthwhile. So the site proposed free shipping service, but books are very standardized goods, uniform packaging, weight, shape, so the freight is lower, such as Beijing Shanghai city express, the cost is about 4 yuan, mostly across the city can be controlled in 6 ~ 8 yuan.

, like many other parts of China, is a common problem in imitation, imitation without thinking. Then every guest, Jingdong, there are many companies in order to win customers, have raised the banner of free shipping, although the rules continue some adjustment, such as 29 yuan, 59 yuan for freight, but on the whole, in addition to Taobao, the industry is taking the free shipping route. Almost all of the businesses on Taobao can not be avoided, unless a higher price or promotion.

let’s look at the cost structure.

freight can be broadly divided into three parts:

1 warehouse sorting packaging;

2 intercity transport;

3 city express.

different categories of goods need to pay the cost is not the same. On the whole, each order from the commodity storage, employee sorting, collection, packaging sent to the logistics and distribution services to the user in the hands of the daily department store category of goods, for example, the overall cost is roughly between 10 ~ 15 yuan. If it is clothing household goods, the average amount of orders between 100 ~ 120 yuan, the distribution costs accounted for more than 10 ~ 15%, a little higher than the price of cosmetics, such as distribution costs also account for about 7 ~ 8%. Even in order to sell high priced digital goods category Jingdong mall, data released from the company, its distribution costs accounted for 6.1%.

this is an unbearable burden. You know, because of the crazy price war, most of the electricity supplier company gross profit margin is much lower than the retail line, from the operational point of view can not afford such a large percentage of overhead.

cash on delivery

talk about cash on delivery.

COD (cash on delivery) of the origin, but also to reduce the users in a single online purchase threshold, said online shopping is "the hills to buy cattle", did not see "

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