When the product meets the nternet scouring the earth how to go

five years ago, soil Amoy network failures, employees are not convinced, say will be on the line, then the soil Amoy responsible person said that the line had to wait for God knows how long.

June 2016, bid farewell to the Internet five years of specialty electricity supplier giant soil Amoy network announced on the line.

five years ago, a strong operating team with tens of millions of start-up capital created the soil Amoy net, but due to various reasons, the soil Amoy network only existed for less than a year, and hurried off the assembly line, this article we will talk about Internet plus specialty in the end there is no market


specialty electricity supplier model analysis

most of the electricity supplier practitioners believe that the ideal model is the most suitable conditions necessary for product sales network, includes the following aspects: market demand, product unique, convenient logistics, price advantage, small seasonal differences.

specialty products, whether from the uniqueness of goods, logistics, price, season, the market demand is in line with the operation of e-commerce model. All kinds of products from the processing of raw materials to the circulation of goods in all aspects, in line with the operation of e-commerce model. In particular, the uniqueness of specialty products, including health care, taste, fresh, raw materials, such as the unique historical stories. It is the most important factor in the market demand. At the same time to meet the needs of different types of consumers.

with the commodity with the exclusion of serious, personalized goods have become a hot commodity. There are more consumer groups tend to meet the needs of a specific purpose. Family meals, friends gatherings, gifts, tourism products, such as the four categories of consumer goods in the form of the key.

the current development status of China’s products industry still exist many problems, there are still quite a number of specialty products did not develop or not normal circulation, while the overall lack of brand awareness, information resources scattered and closed.


soil Amoy network and back

it is understood that the soil Amoy network (www.91tutao.com) is a focus on specialty online shopping platform, not only the domestic specialty, even foreign foreign native products can also be found on the platform. The platform of the Internet using the soil Amoy network is very good, in the electronic commerce segmentation era, with their professional attitude break specialty in general only the birthplace of good sales restrictions, let the world specialty culture spread more extensively. Operating team from 80, 90, committed to the establishment of a healthy, green specialty electronic business platform,

has experienced soil Amoy again in the on-line selection change radically, God knows how long, this is really ready?

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