AOKANG and Ali signed O2O framework agreement to accelerate the transformation of the electricity su

AOKANG international

announcement late on March 12th, the company and the Alibaba O2O signed a cooperation framework agreement, both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, joint marketing and achieve their future market expansion strategy, create more business value.


according to the agreement, the Alibaba for AOKANG and its subsidiaries provide enterprise O2O business services, including but not limited to Tmall, Taobao, micro Amoy other shops opened, data sampling and analysis, training, support, open up the membership system online and offline online and offline (Alipay) mobile payment and related products and technical support.

The validity of the

O2O cooperation framework agreement a year after the expiry of the agreement can be renewed. The company said that after the signing of the agreement, the company’s current financial position, operating results are not a significant impact.

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