Electricity supplier rise of the four major advantages

A few days before

nothing to the large and medium-sized electrical appliances to take a stroll, a look into the station are the waiter, impact on the store shop customer scanty as can be imagined how much. Before the rise of Jingdong, the network is talking about how long the Jingdong can survive, the majority of people believe that Jingdong will be a flash in the pan, but now look at the status of Jingdong in the electricity supplier. The rise of electricity providers, can not be separated from the support of people, and people’s support from the advantages of online shopping itself.

a price advantage

to open the store, first of all to rent physical stores, and stores the rent is very high, in the long run, the final is to rent from the sale of merchandise store in the back, thus increasing the price of goods sold. Online shop does not need rent, or rent is very low, the same commodity will buy a lot of money to buy online. This is why a lot of girls go to the store to try not to buy clothes, but the reason to go back to buy online.

two, convenient advantage

to go to the store to buy the first to go to the store, and many stores are not in their own homes around, some even far to ride or drive to, and everybody shopping habits are generally go a few more to see, is very tired this day run down, with his girlfriend at the street men have the experience. In the online purchase will not encounter this problem, and now more developed logistics ah, a variety of courier, service fortunately, courier fees are not expensive. And on the Internet, whether it is more than three or more than the selection of goods, just a little mouse on it, and more relaxed, more comfortable.

three, service advantage

used to buy things in the store, a lot of time to buy back across all sorts of problems need a replacement, return, results encounter various obstacles and produce all sorts of business disputes, namely trouble and angry, what is more direct sell defective deceive consumers, as well as qiangmaiqiangmai. On the Internet will meet buy something unpleasant, but businesses will give you a refund or replacement, we discuss, if he so tough a bad review, will greatly influence his sales, or complaints of his shop, there he remediation. So online shopping to enjoy the service is much stronger than the store.

four, tidal current advantage

There are limitations to the purchase of a

store, where most people buy in a city, such as a town, a county, a city. Some city leading the trend, leading are basically developed city, so the city behind some, what do people want to buy goods leading the trend, to the Internet, online shopping is no geographical restrictions, you can choose the tide of commodity purchase.

so the electricity supplier mushroomed rise, as more and more people know online shopping, the habit of online shopping, electricity supplier development will be more and more rapid, look forward to the electricity supplier industry ushered in a new climax.

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