Taobao sellers can not know the new marketing initiatives

Taobao in its simple and direct way, has become the first choice for people online shopping. Many businesses have also come in a throng in Taobao, began his life of network marketing. To attract the attention of users will be able to achieve the best publicity, but Taobao’s low barriers to entry, the businessmen gathered at the same time, in the many competitors "becomes a hard thing.

homogeneity is not distinctive feature

to open a shop page again and again, we see a familiar face. Similar goods, the homogenization of serious shops, simply can not retain the customer’s attention. So traders have moves, price than gifts, but only means easy to imitate the way brought one or two days after the boom, flooded was followed by a follower. Creativity is good, but also to do the characteristics of the packaging, and can not be copied, so as to create their own a space for one person in the sea.

professional website more formal

many businesses aware of the importance of their own packaging, according to the audience to build their own style of shop style. But a lot of people also ignore the point, in addition to the mall independent website, more professional.

large enterprises or businesses, have their own independent website. On the site for different commodity characteristics and maintenance measures more perfect display. In the mall shops in large section using the description of various font color pictures, the effect will be even worse, more like a motley, stall flow. Such packaging is likely to be objectionable in the sense of freshness after the customer’s retreat.

combined with Taobao to start their own independent shop

and professional independent shop, although it can give users a richer shopping experience, but the inconvenience of maintenance, information input is not repeated in a timely manner, it will result in differences in information, resulting in unnecessary loss of brand. Increase the burden of the shop.

this seems to be a paradox, there is no better way to have an independent shop, but also easy to manage it?. The face of the strong demand for businesses, Taobao independent shop ( came into being. It can be tailored according to the needs of customers, you can also combine the independent shop and Taobao shops, so that a record, multi point update, more humane for Taobao merchants to consider.

compared to the previous, store traffic increased several times. More people, not to mention sales." Taobao a businessman said with a smile.

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