ASEAN electricity supplier market lags behind the development of the economic community will be buil

recently, CIMB ASEAN Research Institute and global management consulting firm AT Kearney jointly issued a statement, which lists a number of ways to eliminate the obstacles affecting the development of electricity providers in Southeast asia. The report shows that when the ASEAN economic community by the end of this year, the online retail industry in the region will have a significant impact on economic development.

Hugo from the Kiev Post reported in April 21st that the total volume of retail sales in Southeast Asia, less than 1% of the share is from e-commerce, this number is obviously lower than Chinese, Europe and the United States, these countries and regions accounted for 6%-8%. However, with the continuous growth of the middle class spending, increasing the number of individuals and businesses into the field of electricity providers, as well as the increase in the popularity of the Internet, is expected in the next few years, the online retail industry in Southeast Asia will grow by 25%.

to promote the development of online retailing in Southeast Asia, ASEAN Business Club Forum lists the following 5 points:

1, the popularity of the Internet

ASEAN countries, such as Malaysia and Singapore, have been considered an advanced Internet economy, with more than 2/3 of the population exposed to the internet. Compared with only 16% of Indonesia’s population. The high cost of network services, network speed is too slow and lack of awareness, seems to have become the reason behind the lack of Internet penetration in some countries in Southeast asia.

in order to solve the problem of the popularization of the Internet, ASEAN has made the 2015 ICT master plan. Increase the degree of interest in local businesses, while investors have created a base to strengthen the infrastructure of mobile and broadband networks. But the report also said that in improving the coverage of the Internet, the government also needs to work harder.

2, welcome foreign enterprise

although the local platform continues to grow, but consumers in ASEAN countries seem to be more enthusiastic about the overseas business platform. From retail giants such as Flipkart, to the sales of cosmetics, such as niche electricity supplier website, you can see the Southeast Asian start-ups continue to appear. However, eBay, Amazon, Groupon and other sites are still widely operated in most ASEAN countries, one of the main reasons is the suspicion that local consumers distrust the local electricity supplier website.

is reported that the ASEAN countries have highlighted a series of supporting projects to improve the above problems. For example, the Malaysia government on those who have a long-term development of small and medium enterprises to give up to $25 thousand reward.

3, improve internet security

in the absence of cross-border jurisdiction of IQ you hurry up, regulations and the growing gap between cyber crime, is another obstacle to consumer online shopping. Therefore, efforts should be made to convey the beautiful experience of regional network security, cybercrime is not as wide as they imagine. The report shows that

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