2009 e commerce biggest dark horse

store network is an aggregation of physical stores, in order to provide the city’s e-commerce platform. Shop online shop, its e-commerce model, is between B2C and C2C S2C (Shop to customer in city), which is a small and medium shops between the individual transaction model.

store network as a platform for the polymerization of S2C, not only for the entity shop provides access to e-commerce channels, but also its inherent advantages of the physical presented.

e-commerce pattern:

e-commerce companies currently have B2B, B2C, C2C, etc.. The closest to the store network is B2C, followed by c2c.

C2C, a situation of tripartite confrontation.

top three for Taobao, pat, ebay. Unless there is a very significant situation, otherwise the pattern will not change.

B2C, the pack melee.

B2B, an independent, C2C only B2C pattern is a situation of tripartite confrontation. In 2008 to the present, B2C e-commerce sites of various types have emerged, but in addition to Dangdang, excellence of a few sites in some aspects (such as books, computer, shirts) have relatively strong position, other sites are relatively weak. Even so, the B2C is still in a state of burn, and no special unique profit model. Only Taobao mall exception.

Market Outlook:

Taobao mall is different from the general B2C site, in fact it is a B2C aggregation platform. If Taobao is counted as B2C, then the current B2C has two main business models.

first: "online WAL-MART", a large online store, represented by amazon. The advantage of this type of site is to be able to unify the large-scale purchase and retail, delivery, so in the procurement and logistics links, with a relatively large advantage.

second kinds: Online intime department store, consisting of a store, represented by Taobao mall. Such sites to provide a platform, rental booth for profit model, the advantage is that there is no inventory, logistics, distribution, payment and other risks.

for the pros and cons of the two models, Ma pointed out that even if the United States has such a good distribution and logistics base, but only about 5% of Amazon’s profits. In China, the B2C market has been very mature, but you look great, Dangdang still live very hard, which shows that this model has a problem."

shop network model, and Taobao mall model comparison. But with Taobao mall big and full model, but also different is that the store network to take the road to market segmentation, the city entity shop as the service object.

compared with the Taobao mall, which is not only in line with the development trend of community shopping, but also the inherent nature of the store credit transfer

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