Fake tracking high imitation deformity children where is the way out

Xinhuanet.com Beijing in October 12,

has always been a fake, "rat scampering in the street people cry". Supervision departments at all levels of the organization of a round anti-counterfeiting campaign in recent years, a large number of selling fakes the criminals were punished.

Xinhua News Agency reporter survey found that

, the production and sale of counterfeit goods in gangs and regulators "hide and seek", counterfeiting more difficult.

at the same time, selling fakes into a few places in the GDP malformation". Some counterfeiters have a first-class manufacturing capability and complete sales network, but failed to create their own brands, can only rely on fake poison finally bogged down in a nice hobble.

"mingxiuzhandao, advance secretly by an unknown path"

in some places, because the fake wind tight, fake underground market". Some businessmen "cry up wine and sell vinegar", the interpretation of the modern version of "mingxiuzhandao, advance secretly by an unknown path".

is located in Shanghai Cheap Road Lianfu clothing market basement, connected to the Metro Line 10 Tiantong Road station, the market is small shops, dilapidated and grade is not high, actually inside the hidden mystery.

a quarter surname "cattle" with a reporter went to the store owner to sell the belt, go out with the goods before curtain up. The ox said: "not in a flagrant way to put out, the government will check."

Reporters learned that "

" want to buy brand-name watches "," cattle "to seven journalists around eight around to another closed shop, filled with dusty box. A young man did not know where to bring a small box, which is placed 10 famous watches, including the world, Bvlgari and other brands, the price of $5000 to $3000. Look from the shops, simply do not see the sale of imitation products.

in Shanghai is another selling market, the reporter went to a common appearance bags glasses shop, goods shelves looks very formal. Four see no one, a shopkeeper in the hung clothes of the corner, poke a small channel, only one person to pass into the room, opened a full of goods, do not see is the door of the cabinet, with a four shelf, full of fake brand-name bags "dark warehouse", "Gucci" and "LV" and other international brands, prices are in one thousand or two thousand yuan.

previously, Shanghai city was located in Nanjing West Road No. 580 Taobao city in more than 30 shops selling fake products focus on combat, and seized a large number of copycat costume designer bags on the spot. The investigators found that the selling in the shop door, including the walkways and the hall are installed to monitor the probe. The shop in the actual area is very large, the arrangement of the three or four hidden in the inside of the chamber is also provided with a 50 cm high escape channel. The inspectors to enforce the law, the shop owner can get into this tunnel next to the market to.

in Guangzhou guihuagang leather market, fake "camp" hiding in the Guangzhou Baiyun world leather trade center around the house.

in a stall owner

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