Outbound travel cross border electricity supplier prosperity take you to tour Europe diamond Holy

Bao Na (BAUNAT) is a European diamond jewelry brand from belgium. At present, the business has expanded to the domestic market, is relying on outbound travel and cross-border electricity supplier fiery, gradually recognized by domestic consumers.

"hold your hand, and grow old light as water has already evolved into today’s happiness," the world is so big, I want to go to see you and surprise and happy. In 2017, travel, see the world, travel, buy a diamond ring wedding, travel, milk powder, purchasing a luxury store…… People’s lives become more diverse, the location of tourism from the domestic to foreign countries, the content of tourism from the simple view of the landscape into a new way of life, a rich way to live a happy life.

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abroad, buy international brand channel also has many kinds, in the face of outbound and cross-border electricity at the event, how do you select the idea of attraction? How to find a cost-effective shopping channel


outbound tour and European tour

according to iResearch 2016 online travel data show that 89.7% of users in the past six months, there have been acts of travel, outbound travel accounted for more than 21.6%, of which the first purpose of the outbound tourism is the consumer shopping for 18.7%. With the improvement of people’s income level, leisure time continues to increase, the positive trend of online travel visa policy, outbound travel will also have a greater upside.


2016 online travel users, the Chinese outbound tourism ranked three place is 33.3% of Japan and South Korea, 22.1% in Southeast Asia and 18.1% in Europe, Japan and South Korea travel has come from purchasing, Southeast Asia is the value of entertainment, if the high quality tourism enjoyment, which is none other than the non European, Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and Italy is the preferred place for. London, Edinburgh, France, Paris, Kniss and Provence; Brussels, Antwerp, Belgium, Italy, Rome, Milan, Verona, Venice, Bologna……


According to iResearch

data, users of online travel outbound tourists spending in 10001-20000 users the most, accounting for 38.9%, the per capita consumption in 22.7% 20001-40000 yuan, 40001-100000 yuan accounted for 10.3%, more than 100000 yuan accounted for 5.9%…… With the growing awareness of the pursuit of high quality of life, the enjoyment of the European tour has not only stay in the visual, but also in the performance of the material and a wealth of sensory enjoyment. In recent years, the number of people who travel to get married and buy high-quality diamond jewelry abroad is increasing.

Antwerp diamond capital

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