Jingdong funded Beijing nstitute of Technology to create the only Chinese Football League Student C

April 9, 2010, Chinese largest B2C e-commerce company Jingdong online mall in Beijing held a "Jingdong in a pioneering Chinese students in the student football future road – online shopping mall in a Jingdong funded North Polytechnic football team" press conference, officially announced the power of Beijing Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Northern Polytechnic), together to create a league only. By college students football team.

online shopping market Jingdong vice president Xu Lei, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Beijing Institute of Technology, Vice Chancellor professor Li Hezhang, head coach of the team of Professor Jin Zhiyang, vice chairman of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Beijing University Sports Association Chairman Mr. Du Songpeng, director of the Beijing City Football Management Center of Beijing City Football Association Vice Chairman Mr. Yang Junsheng, the team all the players and media reporters attended this event.

it is understood that the Northern Polytechnic College football team is China so far the only team composed of college students from the team in the league and in 3 years of occupation, China class occupation League campaign, and achieved excellent results. However, after three years of sponsorship, in 2010 the student army has not received any funding costs, survival and development is more difficult. As China’s largest B2C e-commerce company, Jingdong online mall decisive decision at a critical moment for the team to establish a team of all members of the Jingdong progressive beyond scholarship to solve the practical difficulties of College students. At the same time, for North Polytechnic graduates, Jingdong mall will also be given priority, and for its introduction of talent training program".

based professional league, in addition to have excellent technical and tactical qualities, financial support is also essential. Online mall Jingdong vice president Xu Lei said that the spirit of the Jingdong and online mall north Polytechnic football team, unremitting self-improvement spirit of enterprise agree without prior without previous consultation. Jingdong online mall hopes to help the North Polytechnic football team to achieve better results. At the same time, the concept of "integration of sports and education" in the country to promote the rise of the rise of China’s football to do their part.

online mall Jingdong currently has more than 7 million 600 thousand registered users, including online sales of home appliances, mobile phone, computer digital products and daily four categories more than 100 thousand kinds of commodities, and has covered the distribution system. In the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2009, Jingdong online store sales of nearly 4 billion yuan, and the net retail market share of 3C of, becoming China’s largest B2C companies. March 2010, Jingdong online mall officially became the main sponsor of Chinese Football Super league. And in the hands of the super commercial sponsorship is different, the funding of a North Polytechnic football team is a feedback to the community, to support China’s football pure public action.

insiders pointed out that, as currently the only team China occupation college team, unlike other clubs, North Polytechnic football team has not been match-fixing drug-related, the negative impact of Jingdong, online mall chose to support such a healthy and vibrant young team, China football track will accelerate, and will also give more enterprises support China football with confidence. > and

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