Jingdong Ali war double eleven different play who can win the pockets of the middle class

Abstract: the future electricity supplier will be an important part of the retail market and the existence of a single electronic business platform will soon launch the stage of history.


double eleven war before the smoke in this week has become increasingly strong, the country’s two largest electricity supplier platform Jingdong and Ali announced this week, the dual plan for the year eleven.

, the Jingdong held a press conference in October 18th to promote rational shopping, in contrast to Ali has always advocated "chop hand" thinking; Ali in October 20th announced in Hongkong, the theme this year is still eleven of Ali "internationalization", said not only by the usual "buy the world" upgraded to "global business", accelerate the global the circulation of commodities in the rookie network and ant payment service support.

two views while by public opinion as "opposition", but also has the same point, namely, the both sides will more middle-class population as this year’s main users, whether it is the internationalization of the Ali or rational consumption of Jingdong.

rational consumption and crazy "cut the hand behind the platform considerations

any platform put forward any slogan or ideas are based on their own situation at this stage, the two shopping ideas advocated is also true.

for Jingdong, the logistics service advantage in a second tier city brand has been basically strong, this is the Jingdong as one of the most precious wealth, adhere to quality and service become the Jingdong to maintain and enhance the main means and methods of existing brands. In the double eleven, if the GMV as the standard, both in terms of logistics services and commodity quality have varying degrees of pressure, which is obviously not willing to see Jingdong. In other words, in the pursuit of the surface of the prosperity of the GMV surge and brand, Jingdong is more inclined to the latter.

therefore, Jingdong advocated rational consumption, in essence, is intended to be the electricity supplier shopping experience from the user to express the speed of a single upgrade to the overall experience of competition.

and Ali as a comprehensive business platform in the aspects of business scale and product category have obvious advantages, it also means that Ali must make ecological business within the shared "double eleven" bonus, for businesses to continue to support and trust. Therefore, Ali will tend to "double eleven" into a national Carnival Festival, at a low price to attract users, GMV jumped behind the whole business platform "shared interests", this is Ali to try new methods to improve the main reason of double eleven GMV sales.

iron brother believes that the concept advocated by the two sides are not contradictory or even contradictory, combined with their own development status, the positioning of the dual eleven naturally different.

who can really attract the middle class?

October 20th, Jingdong and WAL-MART announced the continued depth of cooperation, WAL-MART Sam member store settled Jingdong. Iron brother carefully check and contrast most of the products, found that it has the following characteristics: >

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