Without the fear of explosion power double 11 SF Meizu fast delivery orders

ended with double 11 carnival, turnover of 91 billion 200 million yuan to the "chop hand" to promote the draw to a successful conclusion, and then enter the consumer perspective, is the local logistics or warehouse explosion, or delayed delivery so that buyers worry the news. The Meizu Tmall flagship store as the first turnover of 11 double million businesses, the total turnover of the electricity supplier actually broke through the $1 billion 100 million, online sales to break the 1 million units, compared with last year, an increase of 11 double the number of 500%. In order to allow the buyer to get your favorite mobile phone as soon as possible, resorted to a number of measures to speed together SF express delivery, to make things worse, some buyers in a few hours after the order is received in the mail.

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In the 11 part logistics double

Meizu, get the full support of the SF express. First, there are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu four cities nationwide radiation, can quickly achieve the nearest warehouse delivery. In addition, there are thousands of people dedicated to the Meizu distribution services, to ensure that consumers can get their own machines at the fastest speed.

Meizu logistics warehouse site

it is understood that in the double 11 day orders, four warehouse has also started the domestic operations, and strive to use SF team, will be the fastest and the product to the buyer. As we all know, after 11, the country’s express logistics chain will be close to the critical value of paralysis, if you do not have their own team, the problem may be delayed shipment is not a matter of a day and two days. Meizu this approach is very clever, in cooperation with domestic reputation of the best SF express, and there are thousands of exclusive courier, the speed of logistics are effectively guaranteed.

11 has gradually gone, leaving is a promotional Carnival and harvest good minds of consumers, and can ensure the supply of goods and durable quality customer service delivery logistics experience, Meizu again let users feel comfortable, of course, ultimately behind the professional team to ensure the SF express speed and quality of service. I believe that every user in the recently received Meizu products, you can understand the intentions behind the two companies.

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