Ali road and long experts say fake embarrassment from the source

in the past month, the mood is like a roller coaster Alibaba.

back a month ago, when the international anti fake Alliance (IACC), as a member of Ali, feeling excited to do countless shows between the lines, put up a pageantry of publicity. However, the ups and downs of life always makes people look back at the There’s no telling, news headlines, and then look at the now suspended the membership of the outcome. Ali, the counterfeiting of the road, how embarrassing two words can describe



often shrouded in shadow, Ali internationalization difficult

perhaps at the beginning of the creation of Taobao, Ali did not realize that fake hat will bring such a big shadow.


Office of the US trade representative, the earliest in 2008 mentioned the problem of fake Taobao, then in March 2011, due to the existence of a large number of infringing products and counterfeit fraud, and Sogou, Baidu pulled together into "malicious market" list.

2012, U.S. trade representative will be removed from the list of malicious market Taobao. But 3 years later, the American Apparel Footwear Association AAFA issued a statement again, the U.S. government will be included in the list of Taobao malicious market.

was included in the malicious market list greatly affect the evaluation of the capital market for Alibaba, Ali listed the road has become extremely bumpy. On the eve of the IPO, "malicious market" list even become Ali’s vital, until the solution to this problem, Ali had already successfully listed in the United States in September 19, 2014.

Ali’s stock price tends to decline in good times don’t last long, after a brief rush to a high of $120. At some point, the stock price even for negative exposure and selling platform problems greatly affected.

2014, open cloud group and a number of luxury brands in the New York Manhattan federal court filed a lawsuit against Ali, said Ali and its associated entity provides online advertising platform and other necessary services needed for the counterfeiters "". After the two sides quickly reconciliation, but less than a year, the same scene again, Ali was already ringing again by the lawsuit is still open cloud group’s luxury brands, is still the same reason. Once again the news was announced, Ali’s stock price fell 1.6% in the second trading days.

Ali in the country due to selling problem controversy. In January 28, 2015, the State Administration for Industry and commerce a white paper pointed out that Ali is not strict, the main access to the commodity information review ineffective, sales behavior management, credit evaluation, flawed internal staff lax control of 5 major problems. The publication of the white paper directly led to Ali’s shares fell 4% on the same day, the second trading day and continue to fall by 9%. Then the State Administration for Industry and commerce is Ali and several rounds of chunqiangshezhan, although finally shake hands, but again will be all attention to the electricity supplier Ali Ping >

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