Group purchase website first year end exams the holiday hits down

by virtue of the power of capital, buy site is happy in various cities in china. For many has become the size of the group purchase website, new year means a new inflection point; for some smaller group purchase website, it will be a sad "year".

with the pursuit of the "new consumer e-commerce group purchase discount, high quality and inexpensive", the group purchase industry also fell into a frenzied state, almost every day a new group purchase website, at the same time, every day there are group purchase website fall.

Wu Bo founded the handle network is a large number of Chinese investment in the network this year to get the highest amount of venture capital investment. In his view, the current profit model of the group buying site mainly by the service fee, there are many risks facing, pumping a proportion of the total amount of the product is sold 10%. Profit is not easy, the service sector is not standardized, some small businesses do not respect the contract. Sell products can not get money." The low technology threshold is also seen as another risk.

"this is the first time the new year group purchase website, although other business models are fastidious about the holiday economy, but past experience, a holiday to click rate drops, in addition, the northern winter cold, is the traditional off-season." Wu Bo admitted that this is for the site to buy, is a hom.

in order to attract more customers, the price war is the only proper course to take. Recently, the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau and the overall cooperation. In the hands of the Internet, Shandong, a well-known attractions tickets price has been as low as 10 yuan. Handle network competitors beauty network also spared no effort at the end of the site and more cooperation.

but the price war is not optimistic about many business experts. "Low price, is the most stupid business competition." Jack, a well-known marketing expert in the United States, ·, thinks so by Trout.

buy network appeared in the so-called ‘thousand regiment war’ chaos, will continue for some time. Only from this confusion to continue to eliminate, to update, and ultimately will establish a good order." Diyuanxin network company vice president Mei Tao think. A PE industry said that the group purchase network is entering a period of burn, while the threshold is low, but high requirements on operations, execution, resources, venture capital is in the "gambling".

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