The world’s best B2B e commerce platform is so tempered

reporter recently visited Taiwan’s largest B2B e-commerce website – ttnet founder Mr. Xie Shunbi.

at the beginning of August, contacts told me that the Taiwan youth association president, senior chairman, business association chairman Mr. Xie Shunbi will be writing agency Shanghai branch inspection, let me go to the Shanghai branch to find him.

the night of August 1st, I went to Changning District to the ancient North Broadway business center 6 floor. When I politely knocked on the door, a kind of elderly, with a round face and smile in front of me.

wide writing room, simple and simple decoration. Simple dress Mr. Xie Shunbi always smiling, enthusiasm for me to pour, greeting, "civilian" temperament that do not see a "chairman".


has more than and 10 companies, the number of employees reached more than and 400 people, hit a career on both sides of the three, who is also president of the chamber of Commerce of many Taiwanese businessmen, was frugal and so amiable and easy of approach. To see him, the distance suddenly drew closer, conversation, it becomes cordial nature……

The product style is not the birth of

group financial capital, government is not the birth of. As the earliest Chinese trade promotion company, can cause a growing group of style of writing is "to help SMEs solve product access problems, improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises, with the chairman Xie Shun said pen," only sincerely help the enterprises to create profits, enterprises will believe you and support you. We from 1975 onwards, the first publication of the Taiwan trade and purchasing the phone book, constantly, the first comprehensive promotion mode of Purchasing Magazine + professional exhibition +b2b website + business negotiation." Chairman Xie Shunbi took out a thick yellow told me, "there are 30 years of US manufacturers, is today a lot of multinational enterprises, these enterprises did not forget the writing group, and we have to maintain a cooperative relationship". And this "writing procurement guidelines", along with Mr. Xie Shunbi’s finger, I saw a thick Chinese version of purchasing yellow pages, and then he said, "the purchase record China pages since reform and development, as well as the mainland manufacturers little drops of cross-strait economic cooperation history".

now I finally understand, writing group has become one of the best global trade promotion company. He spread on firm sense, one step at a time. Manufacturers to promote the cost to you, is to open up new markets. Writing group has been pursuing a "find buyers for manufacturers looking for manufacturers to provide buyers of the enterprise mission, dedicated customer service.

group is always uphold the "do not let vendors wasted a penny advertising" business philosophy, to promote the enterprise to achieve the lowest cost for the promotion of best effect. Ttnet ( launched (foreign trade 2500 yuan, 1600 yuan of domestic ultra low price service fee) of the goods through the world service mainland customers, in order to speed up the three cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges. "

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