Lucky Cat nvoicing software has several versions Chain version can delete commodity information

market mainstream Invoicing management software is very much, in the face of many small and medium-sized enterprise software products, how to choose? The domestic well-known software development company jcipc software sales director said: a good Invoicing management software, need to cut from its function details, product quality, price, service, customer service and other aspects of the integration of functions at present, many contrasts, more software has a free trial version, recommended to download the application version after a period of time, to see whether the function for their own needs, the operation is simple, as far as possible to choose the companies within the industry large scale, good credit service.

China Invoicing management software leading brand cat Invoicing software, the interface is beautiful, clear process, the operation is very simple. More importantly, the software system permissions accurately, the boss do not have to worry about employee ultra vires, make the enterprise information safer and more secure. Fortune Cat software brand strong, there are four versions:

Fortune Cat universal version

simple operation, clear process, suitable for individual store retail, wholesale use.

cat Standard Version of

full-featured, easy to learn and easy to use, suitable for standardized management of stores, chain stores.

Fortune Cat Professional Edition

powerful, professional and strong, including pre-sale, sale, sale of all aspects of management, suitable for enterprise use.

Fortune Cat chain version

Fortune Cat Invoicing software launched the first chain features, widely recognized by the industry, the use of high. The use of leading CNC technology, all data real-time transmission and synchronization, power off the network as usual, suitable for the use of chain stores.

Many of the recent use of

version of the chain business proposed: Lucky Cat chain version could delete merchandise information? For this problem, jcipc software technical staff said: Lucky Cat chain version of the merchandise information can be deleted, but it is not recommended to delete the product information, advice under the frame, to prevent the next once again need the goods the data used, furthermore have had business relations of commodity is best not to delete.

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