Do you know the domain name registration details to teach you how to avoid losses

with the rapid development of the domestic Internet, electronic commerce has to acknowledge people, because the domain name has important commercial value in network marketing, enterprises have their own personal website domain name is not unusual, but many people still feel very confused for domain name registration, domain name of the application, attention to matters such as feel strange therefore, the author interviewed the domain name registration, hosting the U.S. orange Internet professional, questions on.

US orange Internet suggest the best choice of large and reputable domain registrar to register the domain name, the domain name is for your private property, the price is not high, but the value for you may be large, but also need to pay attention to:

How much is the

1 domain name registration fee, how much is the renewal price registration period, avoid future disputes; realize how long after the domain name is registered successfully;

2 domain name security and property rights: to all people to fill in the correct domain name (this is very important, is related to the domain name and domain name after the property transfer, transfer of business registration, ID card, etc.) management and registration contact mailbox (mailboxes must is frequently used, in order to renew the receive notification);

if the registration information changes, should be updated in a timely manner.

3 has the right to manage the domain name: whether a domain name management password, can change the domain name (in addition to the basic information of all domain names information), whether to allow the free transfer to, in order to protect the intangible assets not caused by their loss by the Registrar of service interruption.

, therefore, be careful to save the password used by the registered service provider to change the information and the password used to transfer the registration service.

4 services: whether to modify the DNS, whether there is a restriction on the number of DNS, whether to charge; turn out, transfer fee; remember Mo freeloaders moment, have brought many inconvenience and subsequent expenses.

5 domain name registration is successful, we must check whether the domain name registration information submitted with the same

domain name registration is successful, do not think that as long as the site to Everything will be fine. The use of domain name is usually easy to ignore the problem of domain name management.

1 domain DNS resolution

domain name resolution required by the special domain name server (DNS) to complete a process, the process of analysis is the actual domain name to the site space at this time, the stability of the DNS server plays a very important role. In order to avoid the impact of the enterprise web site visit, suffered unnecessary losses, it is recommended to choose to provide quality analysis service. Such as the U.S. orange Internet DNS server, DNS server uses distributed placed on the number of their maintenance in the main room, avoid once a room DNS when a sudden, DNS to normal transport.

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