EBay CEO said PayPal will open up the network to pay the market

May 13th news, according to The Associated Press, eBay CEO John · (John Donahoe) recently said PayPal network payment system in the next six months or a year will be widely used in real life.

in order to open up the market to pay the market, PayPal need to allow third parties to participate in cooperation. Last fall, PayPal open payment system for software developers, to facilitate the development of PayPal as a payment engine network services and mobile applications. Currently there are 30 thousand developers involved in the development of PayPal payment based applications.

Donaho said in an interview with The Associated Press, the third party development applications include the use of mobile phones in restaurants or retail stores to pay PayPal.

although PayPal pay fees are not cheaper than credit card payments, but PayPal payment is more efficient and secure, because PayPal will not share with the user’s credit card number and other personal information.

analysts said, can be expected in the future iPhone users can pay via PayPal mobile payment. Donaho for PayPal huge user base is very confident. PayPal currently has 84 million active users, the user base for the emerging mobile payment market laid the foundation. But Donaho says other competitors are also pushing for similar services. Some iPhone mobile phone applications allow users to quickly complete the transaction. Other payment services such as Square and start-up companies are also working to develop mobile payment market.

Donaho said, I think the current network of innovative applications than at any time in the past to be more."

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