O2O market size of hundreds of billions of nternet giants layout

innovation works CEO Li Kaifu said, O2O future will change Chinese, online and offline once connected, the outbreak of the strength is immeasurable! Data show that in 2011 China O2O market size of 56 billion 230 million yuan, in 2012 Chinese O2O market reached 98 billion 680 million, is expected in 2015 Chinese O2O market will reach 418 billion 850 million yuan. That said, there may be some new SEO still do not know what is O2O, then I’ll talk about. O2O that is Online Offline To, simply means that consumers pay online purchase of goods or services under the line, and then go to the line to enjoy the goods or services.


in the face of such a huge market size, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Sina, 360 and other Internet giants have to force, in order to meet the arrival of the billion market ready!

, a Tencent: WeChat as the entrance, stride forward singing militant songs

in early 2012, Tencent O2O with WeChat users, electricity providers and payment function of high-profile market entry.

Tencent with two-dimensional code + account system +LBS+ pay + relationship chain expansion matrix, attack. An important part is as follows: 1 by WeChat and 2D codes to seize the online and offline entrance, although the application of two-dimensional code generally APP attached, but the amount of more than 300 million users or other companies do not APP. In September 2.2012, caifutong announced deep integration with WeChat electric Tencent, "QQ shells" plan to open up businesses and users, to achieve precision marketing. 3 platform, the Tencent mainly invested in F group and high friend combined company, the capital has more than $100 million. 4.QQ map, unlike other maps, QQ has its unique street view service, location data all over the world (except in Africa), behind the LBS application can be called for the complete.

two, Baidu: the formation of LBS division, the map for pioneer

Baidu O2O market, with the map as the carrier, the integration of Baidu’s own products, the formation of LBS division ready to burst.

Baidu maps launched relatively late, once launched by the majority of mobile phone users love, occupy the map list second, second only to High German map. Baidu’s chief product architect once painted Baidu O2O blueprint: relying on the map service consumption depth information depth coverage to restaurants, cinemas, KTV, shopping malls, hotel, public transportation, supermarkets, parks and other attractions of all categories of services, specifically the development of independent APP features to meet user needs, and use UGC and BGC to build LBS ecosystem.

three, Ali: wide and extensive, comprehensive array O2O market

Ali is actually the first to get involved in O2O, the layout of the chain is the longest. O2O Market

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