Network network to cheer the European cup Football quiz beer two

look at the European Cup, playing football, passion drink global import beer, depending on its network network for the fans to send surprise welfare: June 13th -7 month 12 days, the European Cup Beer Festival fiery opening.


June 11th, the fifteenth session of the European Cup in France Stade Saint denis. It is reported that the 2016 European Cup in France is the event in the first game after the expansion to 24 teams. Yesterday morning, the French team won the opener host become fully deserve the favourites and with 2:1 addition, the German tanks champion seats, Portugal and England team also asked to battle the first throne…… The 51 race will take turns over this High detonated summer! Then, no beer, no football will become a symbol of passion and Carnival fans nationwide.

to help out the European Cup, will watch the event network network synchronization process, to drink wine preferential welfare and fun quiz activities, and the common of the fans during the European Cup! Network network European Cup beer festival to participate in the quiz cashback activities, guess where Party won the game, you can get 5 yuan cash back. 51 every race can win, return now leading wine consumption amount.

at the same time, network network also launched a super energy Germany imported beer and chips collocation, and then tired to stay up to watch the ball to say goodbye". The German Feierdebao wheat beer, beer, beer, HeineKen Derek black forest Demann farou beer, beer color of Odin Gutt, meaning fruity sparkling wine, sparkling wine as silk and other imported wine can be collocation of chips, the package price to 39 yuan.

in the beginning of this year has a reputation in the German import "Grote Gloryt" beer, is now settled in the Lotte Mart supermarket. It is reported that Grote beer by the music as sports and network network to create a joint, the former CCTV Oprah Liu Jianhong as its "product experience officer", since the birth of the day comes with "super" sports IP aura. In addition, grut also from the world’s top beer manufacturer Aishibao (Eichbaum) winery hand, has the rich history of Mannheim wheat beer, quality and flavor. A symbol of courage and honor and conquer Grote is undoubtedly the European Cup best collocation


is expected to import beer will be accompanied by the European Cup swept across the country. Is expected to the end of June, Grote will be settled thousands of KA and super terminal, and at the end of at least 5000 line terminal stores. By then, the national fans will share wine feast.

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