General web site system

1 Introduction

Internet resource location from the IP address, host table to domain name service, greatly promote the internationalization of the Internet technology and application. In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic Internet, more people want to use Chinese to access the information resources on the Internet, this raises the Chinese domain, a host corresponds to a domain name Chinese is the Internet, which undoubtedly facilitates the users to use Chinese memory and access to the Internet information resources.

The early development of the Internet:

Web came into being in the demand of the user under widely. General web site is following the IP, domain name after the new Internet access. Internet users can make a web business name, product name, name of the website directly using natural language to the target site or URL, without memory complex domain name, web site, without http://s., WWW,.Com,.Net and other prefixes and suffixes, is an advanced, quick and convenient access to networks.

in October 20, 2001 by the CNNIC initiative and combined both at home and abroad. The Registrar and technical service providers, such as TWNIC, RealNames, Netpia and Neustar and other relevant agencies jointly initiated the establishment of the International Forum web site (IFIK). The Forum on the general web site technical specifications, based on the application of generic Web site technology services, as well as the relevant registration policies and dispute settlement mechanisms and other topics to discuss and exchange.


now. The general definition is: the maximum length is 63 byte character segments of non English domain. The character of a common web site includes: Chinese vocabulary (GBK 234).

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