Shanghai SP domain name was registered on 30 thousand

concern Shanghai Telecom Waigaoqiao room broken network events, IDC industry consolidation, is actually the IDC qualification and industry reshuffle.

The cause of

is prior to ICP qualified service providers do not network access, virtual hosting, hosting, hosting services, ICP also can even record, for ICP service providers to bring a lot of change, so the strength of the formal ICP service providers in the ISP certificate application, but the ISP management is very strict. Many enterprises apply for more than and 10 times can be achieved by. Into the ISP service provider is only a minority. A lot of individuals, not a regular host provider, fell a lot.

is currently a lot of hosting users are aware of this point, we must find a ISP service provider hosting, or break the network event may occur in their own body, to bring a lot of inconvenience to the company’s operations.

related domain name ISP.SH was registered by a user, many ISP are very interested in this domain name, but for 30 thousand of the call, or a little hesitation. One of the Shanghai ISP company executives to offer 10 thousand, the users did not sell, the reporter contacted the day before the Isp.SH register, Mr. Tang, he said, is very optimistic about the prospects of ISP, the registered isp.SH, a domain name is relatively short, two of ISP, especially the ISP company in Shanghai is very helpful. At the same time I hope to buy a friend to contact him.

it is understood that:

1 SH is the world’s long-awaited domain name suffix, recently set off an unprecedented heat wave in the international domain name market. Because it is the first two letters of the English word "Shop". And.SH is also relatively simple, easy to put on the market and other advantages.

2 SH domain names are valued by investors in the world, there is also a reason they think SH is St.Helena Island (St. Helen Island), that is, the great exile of the island of Napoleon for the last 7 years of the island. With the name of this world – famous island to make top-level domain name has special sense, also will enter the global market for company product.

3 SH can be understood as English / Shanghai (Shanghai) Chinese phonetic shorthand or prefix. Shanghai is the largest city in China, and now it has developed into an international metropolis parallel to the world’s advanced cities. For enterprises in the region of Shanghai, as well as Shanghai or look forward to seeking greater development prospects in Shanghai enterprises, registered.SH domain name has become an opportunity to be missed. Therefore, there are people who are optimistic about the good investment environment in Shanghai, China and.SH.

4 Internet experts predict that the next.SH is a simple and easy to make a good domain name (such as apple.SH, pizza.SH, etc.) more likely to become a huge asset in the era of e-commerce. This domain name will also be owned worldwide

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