Taobao shop tax will change what

this is a constantly changing era, since the total number of Taobao and Tmall transactions more than one trillion years ago, people began to pay more attention to the discussion of the Taobao shop. Many people think that in most of the Taobao shop is hanging C2C brand to do B2C, if this is a huge tax space is not paid much attention to relevant legislation departments, and to take certain measures, is not conducive to business e-commerce market fair competition, and the erosion of national tax benefits.

so the electricity supplier from the year 5% sales tax will be levied to Su Ning Zhang Jindong in the people’s Congress over electricity supplier tax proposal, then to now have Taobao shop stores received Taobao business aspects, the relevant departments are preparing the tax collecting data to remind the shop. Taobao shop tax seems to have become the trend of the times!

According to the Taobao

business messages, we can understand the current Taobao company Taobao shop data has been collected, and then until the basic corporate data collection is completed, the crown level and tax requirements compared with the individual shop data will also be collected. Implementation of the survey is mainly through the first collection, and then interviewed audit, finally make up the process to execute, is expected to wait until the three process execution after the closing event Taobao will tax taxes for online stores to shop the way! So when Taobao taxes for online stores law formulation is completed, after the relevant departments began to perform this action Taobao, after taxes for online stores what impact will the shop operators, Taobao platform,

online industry?After the

tax law, Taobao shop operators will have any change?

According to the Taobao

business to some shop operators to provide information to remind, we can know that the object of data collection only company Taobao shop and the crown level individual shop. The small shop so there are not many meet these two conditions there may not be asked to pay taxes, it makes the original Taobao shop tax rumors just emerging, people worry about these small shop can be exempted from Taobao.

but for a large number of small and medium sized Taobao shop in line with the requirements of tax, the cost will be greatly increased after the request for tax. Because I don’t want you to pay a tax monthly, so-called tax expenses are only according to your actual transactions to shop, so that earn more, earn less pay less although the situation will lead to a large amount of net profit to drop shop, but for most of the shop to do earnings were flat or not it is too difficult.

this time the shop may be the appropriate reduction of the shop staff, in order to reduce some of the cost to protect more net profit. At the same time, competition in the market will become more and more, the rule of survival of the fittest is more and more obvious, such a situation will make the shop has two changes. One is optimistic, they are in the market competition, the situation is about to go in, thinking about the new profit model and the direction of innovation, which is for their own business

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