Talk about how to open the network sales channels

with the era of network economy, in the context of the Internet economy to solve how the development of enterprises has become a key problem in a new and urgent, enterprises are facing enormous challenges, but also brings a great opportunity, make the enterprise internal organization to adapt to external changes. Should always pay close attention to the trend of the Internet, the Internet on the development of the brand construction that can play a vital role, of course we can not easily let go of any opportunity, based on the clothing company to establish their own network of sales channels. Enable enterprises to re organize the value chain, so that the development of enterprises in the form of value chain, the value of the rapid development of the network.

open network sales channels:

"network marketing channel" marketing model, is to inject ability to respond quickly to the enterprise marketing channels, to improve the relations between production and marketing, improve the efficiency of channel operation, the core advantage of enterprises are relying on their own advantages, such as brand, marketing channels, the ability of research and development, product design, with the help of Internet across time and space, cross regional transmission "superconductor" media, in the specific operation, through the network platform to realize online retail sales Fapai and offline retail establishment complementary binding to respond quickly to changes in the market marketing system.

unique innovative network marketing channels:

channel construction: through a network of sales channels, the compression efficiency of intermediate channel direct business model, can reduce the cost of marketing channels; to increase product sales and profits; at the same time to establish a network of sales channels Fapai purpose is "take the customer as the center, to meet the needs of customers, for the network as a foothold. Sales channels and customer tailored, this is also the starting point of the strategy proved Fapai, only let enterprise customer good enterprise can be good! Only strengthen the enterprise and the consumer side contact, get instant market information, in order to meet the consumer market demand, adjust the marketing strategy arrangement at any time, to reduce business risk. At the same time, according to customer requirements, organize the production and sales in time, improve the production efficiency and marketing efficiency, provide the basis for the follow-up construction, product and service reorganization.

interactive experience to create a network marketing environment platform:

interactive experience of the network marketing environment, but also for the concept of customer shopping tailored. Only in this environment customers shopping on the Internet can really enjoy the fun of shopping. The project is a customer centered, it is the overall environment can give shoppers a pleasant shopping experience. The new type building concept of interactive experience we will require reflected from the design, project platform shopping process, function, product quality aspects of integrated activities in the region, and the maximum satisfy the target group multiple experience needs.

network VIP member management policy:

network channels in the customer base for the center’s mode of operation, to promote the construction of the VIP membership, fully embodies the membership value of the VIP, really let the company network VIP customers exclusive honor! "

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